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18 year old me

Hey girl,

I cant imagine being you right now. The highs and lows that you are about to encounter over the next 7/8 years are enough to drive anyone crazy. 656 more words

Aesthetics, Authorship, and GIFs

What is the theoretical value of a short clip of Tina Fey “high-fiving a million angels”? What does a GIF say about new media aesthetics and how we conceive of authorship/ownership? 693 more words

Dental marketing study: Using viral videos for MAX-imum impact

BrandMax Tri-Clean Ultrasonic Cleaners for dental instruments have earned a spot among Dentistry Today’s Top 100 Products for three consecutive years based on numerous product attributes… 70 more words


Ryan Gosling - HEY GIRL

คำคมเรียกกำลังใจให้สาวๆ กับ Ryan Gosling <3 HEY GIRL <3

Shelley + 'Hey Girl' + Thesis

Yes, yes, I am nerdy enough to make a very specific Shelleyan ‘Hey Girl’…