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Swooning the Mayer

I think the way other women (and maybe some men) think about Ryan Gosling’s “hey girl” is how I feel about John Mayer’s singing voice. … 83 more words


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Advance 9967: a sheath and a jacket and the best cover art of all time

the pattern:
No copyright date, 1960’s is a real safe guess.
I don’t remember where or when I got this pattern, I just know that every time I see it my heart stops a little. 619 more words

Sew It

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This image is from the performance piece Hey Girl, by Romeo Castellucci and his company, the Societas Raffaelo Sanzio. Onstage, a naked human body emerges from a form of raw human flesh, turning it to a macabre pink chrysalis as her body tears it to pieces. 538 more words