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Sexy Science Fact #15 - LESBIAN LIZARDS

Here at Sexy Science Facts, politics don’t reaaaaally matter. Biology doesn’t care who is president or what is illegal. BUT TODAY we are celebrating last Friday’s… 325 more words

Sexy Science

Sexy Science Fact #6 - PSEUDO PEENIES

Penises are just for dudes right? WRONG! (sort of) The spotted hyena has a specialized clit called a PSEUDO PENIS (capable of getting a woodie!) and no vulva (remember: vaginas are internal! 250 more words

Sexy Science

Television Tuesdays: The 100

The second of The 100 is wrapping up (Wednesdays, 9pm EST, the CW) and I’m not ready. I only started watching this show over Thanksgiving break, but I caught up, I caught up fast, and I fell hard. 2,377 more words


Hey Ladies at Housing Works Bookstore Cafe

I’ve talked about Housing Works’s bookstore café on this blog before. It’s a bookshop in SoHo where all of the merchandise has been donated, most of the staff is made up of volunteers, and all of their profits go to support the good work done by… 478 more words


The Hey Ladies!! ladies are back

In winter you need all the help you can get. Also all the fun…. That’s why Hey Ladies!! exists.

The new season of this variety/ game/interview/therapy session show, starring its creators Davina Stewart, Cathleen Rootsaert and Leona Brausen, begins Friday (8 p.m.)  at the Roxy. 75 more words


Edmonton Downstage | 24.11.2014

  • Opening this week:
    • Blavatsky’s Tower by Moira Buffini at the Timms Centre on November 27
      • I’m reading the script for this play right now, and even though I’m only a few pages in, it’s very engaging in a creepy/can’t stop reading way.
  • 298 more words
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