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Sexy Science Fact #21 - SPERM PARASITES

Deep sea anglerfish look like a shrunken head with long teeth and a flashlight popping out.

So basically they look like a horror movie wrapped in a nightmare. 399 more words

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Hey Ladies!

So, remember how I was all uptight and self-concious of turning 30? As a sweetener, my husband asked me what I wanted one day, while we were meandering through the garden. 608 more words

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Sexy Science Fact #17 - TRIPLE HOO-HAWS


I know you’re all good, well (sex) educated humans and know what a VAGINA is. But just in case you’re unsure, let’s review! Most lady mammals (with a… 409 more words

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Sexy Science Fact #15 - LESBIAN LIZARDS

Here at Sexy Science Facts, politics don’t reaaaaally matter. Biology doesn’t care who is president or what is illegal. BUT TODAY we are celebrating last Friday’s… 325 more words

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Sexy Science Fact #6 - PSEUDO PEENIES

Penises are just for dudes right? WRONG! (sort of) The spotted hyena has a specialized clit called a PSEUDO PENIS (capable of getting a woodie!) and no vulva (remember: vaginas are internal! 250 more words

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Television Tuesdays: The 100

Here, have some deceptively light-hearted gifs before the show rips out your soul.

The second of The 100 is wrapping up (Wednesdays, 9pm EST, the CW) and… 2,390 more words