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Nothing Is Happening Said The Joker To The Thief

Have you ever clicked on a website and experienced somebody trying to explain how nothing is going on, there was a big snow storm up north and there is more ice on the poles? 537 more words

The Guy Who Voiced "Hey Arnold" From Nickelodeon Is All Grown Up And Insanely Hot!

So you remember the show “Hey Arnold” from the 90’s right?

Of course you do, how could you forget that crazy football shaped head. Well it turns out the guy who voiced Arnold in the first 41 episodes, grew up quite nicely. 157 more words


New trending GIF tagged dog japan hello test...

New trending GIF tagged dog, japan, hello, test, store, hey, pun, shiba inu, hiya, Can I help you, canine help you, store clerk via http://ift.tt/1qryTcf

He simply texts ‘Hey’; I yawn

Hey texts. These are the worst kinds of messages in all of mankind. Men love them and women hate to receive them. Well, I can only speak for women. 432 more words

Life Slice


If you’ve ever been annoyed with the “hey” text…
     The first time I got a blank-face emoji from Lionel (name changed), I sent a blank face back. 622 more words

Mood Changes Like Clockwork

Hey guys, I wanted to share a daily experience of mine, and wondered if anyone else has a similar experience. Every day, from 2-4pm I have a dip which usually results in me struggling quite a lot with my emotions and thoughts, but which lifts quite quickly after 4pm. 59 more words