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At Last! The Mind Behind Lumineers- Ho Hey (Lyric Video- UNOFFICIAL) Has Officially Come Out Of Retirement With A New Release Called Adele- Hello (HD Audio- JUST AUDIO)

The music world just got the most incredible surprise ever! After years of waiting and thinking it may never happen, the mind behind Lumineers- Ho Hey (Lyric Video- UNOFFICIAL) has officially come out of retirement with a new release called Adele- Hello (HD Audio- JUST AUDIO). 13 more words

Autumn things to do!

Welcome Back!

As usual I am here with a seasonal “things to do”! Obviously now its Autumn! One of my favourite times of the year! Other than the fact that it’s my birthday, I love the leaves, drinks, movies, and just all round cosiness of the months! 206 more words


Big-Headed Master Chief And Locke Say Hey

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Just in time for next week’s 10th anniversary of Halo 3: Live Halo Or Die Trying, the folks at gaming gear makers Jinx have launched a new line of official Halo clothes and things. 309 more words


Hey, remember me? I made out with you already

I once read that there are about 590,000 gay people in Los Angeles. Divide that roughly in half, and that’s 295,000 gay men, which might seem like a lot, but when you take into account different gay tribes and neighborhood proximity, the number dwindles. 22 more words


Hey 15


Okay we can’t work. I get that. I’m even getting tired of this. I think I’m tired of thinking about what would have been. I’m tired of waking up memories about us. 94 more words


Reply to Hey 14


You’re always sorry. What are you sorry for? You see, that’s your problem, you’re always so sorry. Anything you do is a mistake you must be sorry for. 88 more words