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My Bro

My brother is coming to stay with me from the 6th to the 9th and I’m really excited! Because of reasons that I won’t put on here, me and my 3 birth siblings were all adopted at a young age. 101 more words


Hello World!

Hello everyone!

My name is Hamilton. I’m 21 and live in England.

Basically, I made this blog because I want a place I can can write about anything. 91 more words

Always Wanted To Try Rapping?

Hey guys, I found this simple sample beat on YouTube. I ve always wanted to try spitting, so here is my first attempt. Not gonna lie, it got a little out of hand and took a good hour or so, but I hope some of you will put in the time to try, because it does feel good. 56 more words

Hello there!

Hey to everyone there! Welcome to my blog.

So this is my first proper post on here because I am trying pass sometime at the moment and making this as a test run to see how it goes from now. 51 more words

Phillips Phunny: "Hey, Beautiful" The Mic Is Still On

A basketball player called a reporter “Beautiful,” and didn’t realize his microphone was still on.

A basketball player for the University of Wisconsin named Nigel Hayes was part of a team press conference on Wednesday, and whispered to one of his teammates about how BEAUTIFUL one of the stenographers was. 38 more words



I’ve tried to blog on public health before, but didn’t really have the time or energy to make it work. This time, however, I’m just angrier at the poor use of statisticsĀ in epidemiology and public health, so will be writing until everyone is right on the internet. 46 more words



Hi ;) I’m just going to post random stuff here