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Hey, I ve just joined up to myPTSD. I m looking forward to talking to people who understand the symptoms and feelings I experience, because it can get a bit lonely being the only person I know with the issues that I do. 62 more words

The How/What/Why on Metal Plating! - A Beautiful Mess

Hey, friends!! I recently had my first experience with metal plating, and I wanted to share the results and what I learned with you today. I am by no means an expert on this subject, but it’s something I’ve been curious about since reading about it a while ago on Little Green Notebook and Amber Interiors (two blogs I LOVE if you haven’t read them before). 28 more words

Quality Discount Furniture

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Update - I Don't Know Where Else To Post This

Hey everyone. It s been awhile since I ve been active on this site or frankly even posted anything. Since the last time, my life went up for a shirt period of time then came crashing down. 77 more words

Any Complex Ptsd Advise Out There

Hey I have a great frieND who has c. Ptsd and always trigger her and make things worst… what are some advises.. she cut me off her life but can t handle it since once I grew up its late n she know if she forgave me for 1000000 I will screw again Plz not used to ptsd… 6 more words



how are you?

I hope you’re well,

I hope the reading isn’t overwhelming.

how is she?

I hope she’s well too,

I hope you didn’t break her. 77 more words