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Admitting When you are Wrong

People please do not tell me that You are always right because in reality WE ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT. I should know I am a scorpio and we are right about 89 percent of the time but I would like to also admit that I can say when I am wrong. 366 more words


Dissociation - Talking To Myself (did-like, Maladaptive Daydreaming)

Hey I am new to these forums, so I will give peoples a quick background before going onto my problem. Background is this: the thing with me is that I m a university Law student. 65 more words

Sexual Assault

Hey I m New. I ve been sexual assaulted a few time. Feel like I ask for it sometimes. But I m here for and to give support. 9 more words

Secrets Fred YouTube Hey Its Talking Keychainpack of 2

I agreed with Fred. The man probably had a really low level job and didn’t want to talk about it. He probably just wanted to be a Honda man. 391 more words


In the same way every great American novel isn’t complete without an intro, I feel obliged to formally present this account to all present and future readers. 404 more words


yo hey!

yo hey! Im Charlotte. I go uni, its cool. The best part is the people and parties. The actual learning is not that exciting but all learning is good learning so yea. 116 more words