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Why do Mountain Roads Spiral?

It is possible to reach the top of very high mountains across the globe by automobile. Obviously the most direct path and route of shortest time would be an incredible steep straight shot up. 115 more words

Flower Pot Bouncing

Say you were to be standing beneath a shelf holding a large flower pot. Someone hits the wall that results in the flower pot falling off of the shelf. 160 more words

Application of Newton's Third Law

This strong man is suspended between two freight cars of equal mass. As much as he might try, it will be impossible for him to push one car with more force and give it a greater speed than the other freight car. 85 more words

Should We Always Believe in What We See?

Refraction, known as the bending that occurs when light passes from one medium to another, is responsible for one of the greatest visual illusions ever. If this man were to aim where he thought the fish was, he would miss completely. 132 more words

Happy Independence Day!

Our Founding Fathers were big supporters of the Freedom to Laugh. They even wrote it into the Constitution!

So be a proud American and see our… 94 more words


Bringing Improv Comedy to The Heyler Space

This Saturday night, the Magic Meathands will debut at our new home, The Heyler Space! Our popular Family Friendly Show with Jump Start Comedy Improv… 169 more words