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5th anniversary of Typhoon Vicente

Typhoon Vicente made landfall in Southern China late on 23 July, 2012, as a category-4 typhoon, the strongest to hit southern China in recent years.  Six days earlier, an area of cloudiness east of the northern Philippines started to slowly organize.   192 more words

HFIP-Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project

20th anniversary of the first operational synoptic surveillance mission with the NOAA G-IV

On 14 July, 1997, Tropical Storm Claudette was moving northeastward offshore the east coast of the US. Eager to test the new Gulfstream-IV (G-IV) jet aircraft and the new Global Positioning System dropwindsonde, the National Hurricane Center tasked the first-ever operational synoptic surveillance mission geared toward improving track forecasts. 283 more words


HRD Seminar – Dr. Alan Brammer, University of Albany/SUNY – 18 July 2017

Dr. Brammer presented a seminar titled  “Tropical Cyclogenesis from African Easterly Waves: Observations and Predictability”.

A recording of the presentation is available on the anonymous ftp site: … 13 more words


Two part paper on convective bursts in hurricanes published in Monthly Weather Review

These two papers analyze extreme upward air currents, called “convective bursts,” in hurricanes that have been believed to be important for hurricane intensification. We use the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model to look at convective bursts in two hurricanes: Hurricane Dean from 2007 and Hurricane Bill from 2009. 125 more words

HFIP-Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project

Paper on accounting for the location of dropwindsondes during measurements released online in the Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology

Summary: Hurricane Hunter aircraft have been releasing instruments called dropwindsondes to measure pressure, temperature, moisture, and wind speed and direction in hurricanes for two decades. Data from dropwindsondes released near the storms have led to better forecasts of where they will go, but improvements to forecasts of how strong they will get have lagged. 271 more words


HRD observation team monthly meeting – 15 June 2017

The purpose of the observation team meetings is to bring together the people who use observations in their research on a regular basis to discuss issues they’re having, provide updates on observations they’re analyzing or collecting, and any other information that may be of interest to the broader group.  74 more words