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HRD Seminar – Dr. Pat Fitzpatrick, MSU/NGI and Ryan Carlon, Liquid Robotics, Inc. – 12 May 2016

Dr. Fitzpatrick and Mr. Carlon presented a combined  seminar on “An overview of recent Wave Glider® field programs”.


Wave Gliders® (WGs) use wave energy for propulsion through the synergistic alternating thrust of wave action on the floating vehicle and mechanical wings 6 m below the vehicle. 346 more words


Paper on measurements of extreme wind speeds and updrafts in hurricanes released online in Monthly Weather Review

Dropsondes are instruments released from Hurricane Hunter aircraft that measure temperature, humidity, and wind speed as they fall to the ocean. Since they were first used in 1997, more than 12,000 have been dropped into tropical cyclones (hurricanes and typhoons) around the world. 213 more words


HRD seminar – Dr. Jonathan Poterjoy, NCAR/ASP – 10 May 2016

Dr. Poterjoy presented a seminar on “Probabilistic Storm-Scale Analysis and Prediction Using a Non-Parametric Ensemble Filter: Implications for Tropical Cyclone Forecasting”.


Initial condition uncertainty remains a major factor contributing to forecast errors for tropical cyclones and mesoscale convective systems. 240 more words

HFIP-Hurricane Forecast Improvement Project