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mounting hfsplus rw on linux

The last weeks I struggled mounting my HFS+ formated Drobo on my Linux (Mint) PC in rw mode. Although it was mounting successfully, it always told me… 139 more words


Drive and data recovery...

A friend of mine sent me an MMS the other day with a picture of the infamous Microsoft blue screen of death (BSOD) and blames his wife of a malware infection while surfing for Elmo videos for their 2 year old son. 919 more words

Data Recovery

svn vs. HFS+ on GNU/Linux

I run Ubuntu and Mac OS X on a MacBook Pro as my main machine. I do most development work on Ubuntu and most emailing, calendaring, etc. 191 more words

Ubuntu Linux unable to mount non-journaled hfsplus drive for write

I have a drive from a Macbook that I made into a USB drive to share files between Linux and Macs. To do this I of course disabled journaling on the drive before removing it from the Macbook, and all was well. 194 more words


Unpack a Mac .dmg installer using guestfish

If you’re not familiar with Mac OS X, it uses a packaging format derived from NextStep where applications are directories and to install an application, you just drag and drop the package directory into the “Applications” folder (or wherever you choose because apps are self-contained and can run from anywhere). 532 more words

Repair / Fix Mac HFS+ partition using Ubuntu CD

This post will tell you how to repair / fix Mac HFS+ partition using Ubuntu CD (Live CD or Install CD).

What do you need to do this? 513 more words