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Some time-off

Yep, still in the holiday mood and got a (slight) flu.


Review- HG M1 Astray

The M1 Astray is the mass-produced version of the Astray line of mobile suits for the Gundam Seed.

With that wait, the kit employs some of the more modern engineering for it’s build. 600 more words


Review- HG AGE-2 Normal

Presenting, the HG AGE-2 Normal from the Gundam AGE series.

This is the second generation of the series, has the ability to transform into the Strider mode, basically a mobile armour mode. 674 more words


Review- mameshiki Cirno

This is a very unheard of figure line (to most people) the mameshiki from Liquid Stone, and this is number 07, Cirno from the Touhou Project series of games. 625 more words


Peace through superior firepower. da ze.

On a peaceful day, where everyone is relaxing.

That’s some hardcore stuff… 225 more words


1, 2, 3, GUNDAMS~!

Some filler post before my RG Aile Strike review. ^^;

The 1/144 RG Aile Strike Gundam.

The 1/144 HGOO 1.5 Gundam.

The 1/144 HGOO OO Gundam. 49 more words


Fever - Part 2


Remember, Allenby (Nobel Gundam) is a bit hot-headed… 163 more words