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Review: WWE Network’s 100 Best Matches: #59 Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan vs. Batista (Triple Threat WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match, WrestleMania 30)

Just think for a moment: this match was originally scheduled to be Randy Orton vs Batista. But the power of the WWE Universe literally changed the WrestleMania main event. 897 more words


WWF Shotgun Saturday Night: The Forgotten Show Part One

Shotgun Saturday Night is a show that I’ve never watched. I couldn’t have told you any match that had ever happened on the program. As some may know, I’ve been doing a series looking at matches on the lesser known wrestling TV shows. 2,030 more words


From A High Heel Hater To A Lover, Here I Am

If you have always enjoyed wearing heels, and choose to wear the pointed beauties over a pair of sneakers, I salute you. I literally bow down to thee.  368 more words

Survivor HHH: Episode 10 & 11 Recap and Review

Pairing nicely with all of the Thanksgiving leftovers, we got a heaping serving of two hours of Survivor last Wednesday and boy what a two hours they were. 3,253 more words

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