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Don't Be Afraid To Get Wet - Island Water Sports

A photo posted by Island Water Sports (@islandwatersportshhi) on Mar 17, 2016 at 9:55am PDT

If your afraid to get wet, this is not for you, but if your life is all about water….. take a ride on this!

Hilton Head Island

NATIONAL SPECTRUM BRANDS HHI PL 14155 Mill Window Frame, 3/8 x 94

5/8 inch x 48 inch aluminum trim channel, mill finish, for use with plywood. This product is manufactured in china.
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Cool for the Summer

It’s the name of a Demi Lovato song…

Sometimes you look around at the things around you and go, “Yep, life is pretty good.”

And then you take a sip and look at the things around you and go, “Yep, beer is fucking awesome.”


Man....THAT didn't work out! 

Back from vacation only means one thing….get your a** back in the gym!!! This vacation to HHI with my family and my sister’s family was amazing!! 390 more words