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Department of Health and Human Services: Transitional Reinsurance Program - Not so fast diverting those 💲💲💲💲

Obamacare contains several provisions to protect insurers who take the risk of adverse selection. That is, enrolling people with existing health care issues. The very design of the Law creates the opportunity for people to game the system via the enrollment process thereby driving up premiums. 364 more words


Stunting from the past to the present

By Hailey Tehrani

It’s no secret that with each decade something comes back around, whether it is Pokemon or high wasted pants, it was old and made new again. 512 more words

Hartsville High School

Rồi xong. EASY MONEY. Yên tâm mà lên đường rồi.

Cũng vừa mua vào HHS khi hắn khởi động chương trình tăng, có điều hình như mua hơi hố, mua 6.57 trong khi giờ hắn đóng của 6.49. 38 more words


Upcoming Webinar: Why Health Literacy Matters to Your Business

October is Health Literacy Month, a time for organizations and individuals to promote the importance of understandable health information.

Please join me as I moderate a panel on  105 more words

Does Your Compliance Program Need an Update?

HHS has released new guidance for covered entities who use cloud service providers. The guidelines underscore the evolving nature of computer technology and how quickly new developments can outpace the provisions of data security and privacy legislation. 532 more words

Block Schedule Vs. Traditional Schedules

By: Ashlee Gainey and Madi Isgett

Students and faculty around HHS all have their opinions about which schedules they prefer. While some prefer the traditional seven period schedule that Hartsville High currently runs on, some wish for a change and think a four period block schedule could benefit not only teachers, but also students. 802 more words

Hartsville High School