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Q Acoustics introduces a bigger sound and premium design with new 3000i loudspeaker series

Q Acoustics new 3000i loudspeaker series delivers true hi-fi and immersive, powerful home cinema sound for the home at an affordable price. Building on the success of the original 3000 series, the new range features innovative audio and design technology taken from the company’s high-end flagship… 768 more words

Class T Audio Amplifier with Integrated USB DAC and Bluetooth Receiver


This post is rather technical and describes a homemade class-T amplifier that I started to build in 2010. I consider it a never-ending project because, from time to time, I tweak it to add new features or to improve existing ones. 906 more words


Scientific Objectivity

I’m a Hi Fi tragic and reading the latest post on Audiostream by Herb Reichert , Audio Without Numbers, Herb mentioned

Interestingly, objectivists like behavioral psychologists do not believe consciousness exists.

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Does 'ripping' from a CD affect quality?

I may not have golden ears (they’re silver, remember?), but I have never been able to detect a difference in quality from a ripped CD. However just the other day I was listening an album recorded on my phone (from a CD), then ‘cast’ via google’s Chromecast Audio (which is supposed to transmit data be bit perfect and uncompressed). 229 more words


Hifi cliche alert- new kit allows me to hear details on familiar tracks that I've never heard before!

Oh my lordy! I was taking a break from listening to new music and put on an old classic; Eric Clapton / Cream – Sunshine of your love. 205 more words


Chord Mojo versus Dragonfly

So, i’m getting to grips with this baby. The reviews are mostly accurate I’d say, but DAC’s (albeit ones with a headphone amp built-in), are always gonna be subtle, compared to headphones, speakers or amps. 210 more words


Cheap and cheerful in the same sentence as Audio? OK not so cheep but still... Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 in 2018!

Probably everybody has read many reviews about these speakers back in the day when they came out so we won’t get in to much detailed talk about what they are how they sound… But more of why they are still worth your attention. 249 more words