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Another Piece in the Audio Puzzle: The Marantz CD6006

While being very happy with the sound of my recently purchased stereo system there was an obvious weak link in the chain; It centered on my old and reliable Sony Blu-ray player. 640 more words


Review: Martian Manhunter/Marvin the Martian Special #1

Two very different “Last Martians” meet in the Martian Manhunter/Marvin the Martian SpecialThe stately Martian Manhunter wants to protect Earth and its people while the tiny, non-superpowers-having Marvin the Martian wants to blow it up.  613 more words


Superman #24 Review

Manchester Black’s plan comes together. Can Superman save his son, or is it too late?  288 more words


Turntable Tantrums

On a dull winter’s afternoon, one that was decidedly spectacular in its banality, I went for a long, slow walk to clear the cobwebs from my head. 1,232 more words


Superman #23 Review

Lois and Clark fight together to save themselves from the new foe, but more is not right than meets the eye. 278 more words


The Flash #22 Review

The Button story concludes with teases and emotions galore! 231 more words


Review Brew - Wonder Woman #23

Wonder Woman #23
Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Liam Sharp
Colors: Hi-Fi
Letters: Jodi Wynne
Covers: Liam Sharp & Laura Martin; Jenny Frison
Editors: Dave Wielgosz; Chris Conroy & Mark Doyle… 402 more words

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