Word To Your Haters

Hello Readers!

We all know at least one – that person that no matter what, has something negative to say about where you are in your life, what you’re doing in your free time, the job you have, the car you drive (or don’t drive), & the relationship you’re in. 72 more words


Trust Issues

I trust no one. I don’t put anything past anybody. I don’t because I used to be a low down dirty dog. There was a point in my life when I was not to be trusted, with your man, your business or your money. 455 more words


#OPERATIONREVOLUTION #TEXAS Rleases PHYSCOROCK the #KFG #Stoner CELEB known as @fuimstoned

PHYSCOROCK known via Twitter as the #KushFaceGang “Stoner Celeb” @fuimstoned is an artist of many talents & faces.

Physcorock (Huston, TX) is a 12-year veteran emcee that has not yet been heard outside of Huston. 558 more words


Exclusive Video: Maino On The "Hi Hater" Gift...Or Was It A Curse?

Brooklyn-bred rapper Maino has definitely helped bring New York rap forward with his raw, emotional, and at many times, inspiring brand of music. Since bouncing onto the scene in 2008, the rapper has been a mainstay on the Hip-Hop charts with songs like the platinum-selling “All the Above”, “Million Bucks” featuring Swizz Beatz, and one of his latest, “That Could Be Us”. 274 more words


Hater/Motivator Quotable forall my haters

Are thoust a hater or a motivator?

This seems to be the question that we all need to be asking ourselves. Why you may ask? Well because we may find ourselves hating without even realizing that we are infact the ones doing all the hating. 28 more words