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Proxima Centauri's Alien Planet Closer Than You Think - With Right Spacecraft | Video

By Steve Spaleta | August 24, 2016 02:05pm ET

Our search for life beyond Earth has a new target – Proxima Centauri b . The potentially Earth-like planet in the habitable zone of our closest stellar neighbor could be reached in a little over 20 years by… 36 more words

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Berbagai Inovasi Tahun 2016 di Israel

Baru-baru ini Israel menerbitkan laporan tentang perkembangan industri hi-tech. Laporan ini menjelaskan tentang bagaimana Otoritas Inovasi Israel menjaga infrastuktur bagi pertumbuhan inovasi untuk industri yang mencakup penambahan jumlah pekerja di sektor R & D (penelitian dan pengembangan), menyiapkan pembiayaan, mendukung terciptanya inovasi baru dan membina sistem kerjasama internasional untuk inovasi dan R & D. 163 more words


Old Man Gamer: NMS First Fortnight

Because A.J. wanted a follow-up…

KRAG’s Law of Hype Lensing:

The Perception of an Object is distorted by the sum of the object’s anticipatory Hype…

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First Modular Robot By Keyirobot

CellRobot is a complete robotics kit that allows you to build your very own robot. Spawned from a dream to create a dynamic robot that could change shape and adapt to its environment, CellRobot was created by a team that is passionate about the field of robotics. 6 more words


"Here it is."

The beginning of my new book is at hitechanovel.wordpress.com.

Well, I don’t know whether I will ever make it a book or not but it is my next project.   47 more words

Mental Journeys


So I guess my family is inappropriate, which is not very hi-tech.  It comes from my mother.  Hi-tech has so outstripped my father’s years that, post-stroke, he has receded into his study to pursue his new career as a writer.   317 more words

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This Novel

So I guess this novel is about wrapping it up in a hi-lo world where there was never a place to fit, and finding a place to wind down to my final end. 105 more words