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Robot Opera Singer Premieres In Berlin

Like duh. Where else would a robot opera singer premiere at?


Hi-tech billboards – A representation of modernism in Ho Chi Minh City landscape

Hi-technology advertising in Vietnam

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to provide the Vietnamese young adults attitudes towards hi-tech billboards in order to find solution of regulating billboards effectively without losing advertising revenue. 94 more words

Research And Evaluation

Furious - Acid Bluez

If you had to respect the classics, Hi-Tech Psytrance will always respect this masterpiece.

I wonder how many of you folks are into this kind of music. 30 more words


Summer Fall 24 : A New Life Begin [PART II]

Finally, he voiced and tell me that I was honestly person and say that I really want jobs. So we all ending our interview with thankful. 391 more words

Summer Fall 24 : A New Life Begin [PART I]

My First Interview as Operator

21st March 2014
Today is my first interview for me to get jobs at factory as Operator. The company release a statement for do an open interview for those want working there. 646 more words

How to design a metaphor

If you could ask Dante where he got the idea of life as a road, or Rilke where he found the notion that time is a destroyer, they might have said the metaphors were hewn from their minds, or drawn from a stock of poetic imagery. 162 more words


Paternoster Suddenly Too Dangerous For Human Use

Says the SPD. Even though they’ve been in use for decades here.

More nanny state nonsense from Nanny Nahles.

“I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”