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Runkeeper: this app will keeping you moving!

I’m not a natural runner. In high school, I slogged along, huffing and puffing, watching my friends in track sprint past me, getting through the long runs with a positive attitude, and happily discuss the “runner’s high.” Blech! 1,014 more words

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Trashing Paradigms: Dropping the Hammer

Today, we went dark. Sort of.

Today, our cable and land-line were cut off. We still have internet and our mobile phones, but the dedicated connections for television and phone are as dead as Monty Python’s parrot. 729 more words

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Another Year Closes

But Berlin’s “new” airport doors won’t. So that’s why the grand opening will have to be put off again for another year.

For now, I mean. 54 more words


Sunnyboy’s Secrets—Case #3513 The Friday 13th Encounter

The January winter didn’t hold its numbing chill as in previous years. The air was cold, but not colder than the ground, releasing an unexpected fog on this particular Friday the 13th. 617 more words

FitStar by FitBit: worth the cost?

I use the FitStar app on my iPhone to get a daily work out in, five days a week in the morning, and run three days a week in the evening. 668 more words

Good News to start the week

To make up for the lack of a Good News Friday post yesterday, here is some good news to start the week (despite tomorrow being a fast day).  2,134 more words

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