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Double Denim: Fifty Plus Style

Such a lot is said about double denim that most of us shy away from it as the ultimate fashion faux pas.  However, I think it can work if you get the proportions and colours right.  174 more words

Fifty Plus Style

CNN launches new hi-tech studio in Dubai

CNN launched a new, hi-tech studio in Dubai to celebrate the 14th anniversary of its sister network, CNN Arabic.

CNN’s new studio provides the network with a new facility to tap into the growing range of stories emanating from Dubai. 301 more words



The most technologically advanced thing on Earth has been designed well before the wheel, and, not anytime soon, if ever, will we invent something as complex, functional and stable, as that thing that lets us invent in the first place – our intellect. 192 more words

Opinion Pieces

pass a method with a random number of parameters as a parameter to a method

hello everyone,

several days ago I’ve encountered a problem that I needed to run around 20 methods and wrap them in the same try-catch algorithm. how do we do that? 96 more words


Another Challenge of the God-voice

Reading in the AARP Bulletin about computer-related scams.

I have been a victim of this and reported it to the FTC as advised by the so-very-helpful engineers at Dell call-in center. 429 more words


Hitech water purification system

Water is the most crucial factor in establishing and maintaining proper acid-alkaline balance. Since your body is 70% water, it is extremely important to constantly replenish your supply of it. 51 more words


If The Lawsuit Fits, Wear it

I’ve got your unresolved emissions issues for you right here, pal.

But what’s $48 billion to Volkswagen? Wait a minute. Actually, wow. That’s quite a bit. 43 more words