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German Of The Day: Aufklärungstornados

That means reconnaissance Tornadoes.

The Paris attacks brought changes: Germany has pledged “any form of support” to France in its fight against terrorism. Right now, it looks like the German military will deploy its Tornado reconnaissance jets… 93 more words


Good News Friday

So the world is melting down all around us while here in Israel, things aren’t exactly quiet and peaceful. But as I’ve mentioned many times, Shabbat is still approaching and we want to read some good news to put us into a better frame of mind. 2,113 more words

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Domotique : Objets connectés pour une maison intelligente.

Cette année, la tendance c’est la domotique. Tous les fabricants se mettent à créer des gadgets et des appareils intelligents, dans le but de faciliter notre quotidien. 1,606 more words


N-S-A, B-N-D, Spy-On-You-And-Me

Our espionage doesn’t stink, right? “Spying among friends? That’s just not done.” But spying on their countries, NGOs and the Vatican? That’s a different matter. 187 more words


Why #Diversity Is Difficult | Re/code

An account by Leslie Miley on her challenges in increasing diversity at Twitter:

But then, in August 2015, Jack Dorsey returned to Twitter, and during a company meeting, responded to my question about committing Twitter to a measurable diversity goal.

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USA jämför Israels teknik med den ålderdomligare europeiska.

Som du vet är handeln mellan det Svenska Kalifatet och Israel inte det bästa, som det står på länk:

Imports from Ireland, Sweden, South Africa and the Ukraine decreased significantly during 2014.

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mysql status check

There is a neat query to know what happened to your instance or why the last query can not create a table: