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Mercedez Introduced the Most Luxurious Electric Car

The industry of electric cars is seriously thriving. In the past few years, we’ve seen numerous vehicles and most of them are oriented towards regular people. 236 more words


Regular Drones Might Be Used as Snipers

American company Duke Robotics uses modern technologies to make interesting devices. For example, the TIKAD system, recently introduced by the company, allows installing guns onto quadcopter and drones. 144 more words

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DeLorean Unique Vehicle - New Flying Car

If you saw the Back to the future trilogy, you might remember that the car, featured in the movies, was DeLorean. Apart from travelling through time, it could fly. 197 more words


Most Innovative Car - World's First Bio-Degradable Car

Using bio-degradable materials for various products isn’t new at all. They aren’t only environmentally friendly – they cut production expenses significantly. These materials are used for making single-use smartphones or other devices, microbots and other stuff. 160 more words


Facebook Launched New Service Facebook Video Channel

During the last few months, there were rumours about Facebook expanding its video apps. Now, the rumours are confirmed – Facebook launched a new video service, or let’s say channel, called Watch. 189 more words


Future of Flying - Pilotless Airplanes

More and more companies are developing autonomous transportation vehicles. In a few cities around the world, there are driver-less subway trains, some engineers are making plans about cars without drivers. 212 more words