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See Through Wall Using Wi-Fi. How ?

Wi-Fi is a pretty advanced wireless network and it can overcome almost all obstacles on its way. This principle gave German scientists an interesting idea – why not use Wi-Fi to look behind walls? 142 more words



Dans le monde des objets connectés à porter, et surtout celui des montres, il y a deux écoles. 865 more words


iPhone Screen Might Be Based on Holograms in the Future

Making holograms is a very complicated but hi-tech field. However, the possibility of using this technology is so attractive that many scientists around the world are trying their best to make holograms more widespread. 138 more words


Scientists Made Flexible Microphone and Speaker

A group of scientists from the University of Michigan created a flag, that can play audio files, and a flexible microphone that recognizes people by voice. 243 more words

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Artificial Intelligence Can Solve Crimes

Everybody heard about Sherlock Holmes – a fictional detective from Arthur Conan Doyle’s novels with a brilliant mind and amazing abilities at solving crimes. Of course, if such a person existed in real life, he would have been indispensable for the police. 204 more words

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The Mozart in the Machine

Sometime in the coming decades, an external system that collects and analyzes endless streams of biometric data will probably be able to understand what’s going on in my body and in my brain much better than me. 120 more words


Smartphones with Bluetooth 5 - Advantages

Today, new smartphones always support more advanced technologies. Of course, not every technical feature is must be taken into account when choosing a device, but there are some that are really worth paying attention to. 279 more words