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VK, An Alternative To Facebook

Tonight I come before you to bring forth some good news to both the world and to my beloved followers.  I have now found a social media platform where I am no longer censored to speak the truth on both world affairs and past historical events.   742 more words

The Jewish Problem

Has Social Media Changed Me Into a Different Person?

Oh, it feels so good to be back. 

I can say that I am really involved with social media. It all started when I was about 11 or 12 years old and all my friends began to use social media. 640 more words

Social Media

25 Years Of The Internet's Existence...And My 14-Year Internet Experience

Back in my elementary school days, kids my age played with yo-yo’s, gameboys and played outdoors till curfew time was up. We wrote letters to penpals, and didn’t mind waiting for months before getting a reply. 579 more words

Success doesn't need/have explanation

I tried hard to come up with a reason to believe that writing a blog in 2016 would be as relevant as it was maybe before Facebook was considered some sort of life plug that would connect us all like an universal plug adapter.. 946 more words


Slapping a friend is normal??!!

Hey hey hey this is Drago Felagund here talking to you. So you may be familiar with the situation when you meet a friend or an acquaintance while walking and you just say “Hey Mark! 242 more words

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Go Hi 5

Today passed off as Makara Shankranthi  The onset of  another year, with promises of a bright future, wonderful experiences, oodles of happiness and all that supposedly nice stuff that makes our lives worth living. 643 more words

Desi Indian

9 Dating Site Terbaik Sepanjang Masa

1. Apakah kamu ingin belajar bahasa Inggris dari native tapi tidak mengenal satu native pun?

2. Apakah kamu pengen punya temen, gebetan, pacar, atau bahkan suami bule, tapi hanya memiliki peluang kecil ke luar negeri atau ketempat bule biasa berada?

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Dating Site