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German Jewish group says migration of Muslims into Germany must be "limited"

Invasion of Europe news…..

So, I guess we are seeing the limits of some Jewish leaders in Europe as an Austrian Jewish group has also called for a halt to the Muslim migration which shows no sign of slowing down. 307 more words

Muslim Refugees

No funding yet for resettlement increase from 70,000 to 85,000 in FY2016

For some reason that I cannot figure out, the Office of Refugee Admissions in the US Department of State is trying to sell an expanded refugee resettlement program to a reluctant Congress as “an extremely expensive endeavor.” So said Kelly Gauger, deputy director for refugee admissions at the State Department’s Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration. 648 more words


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Refugee contractors' lobbying office gives RRW a shout-out

We’ve been telling you lately about the Refugee Council USA (RCUSA) which is a consortium of groups comprised of many ‘NO borders groups, quasi-religious groups, and some of the… 864 more words

Refugee Resettlement Program

From Tears of Anguish to Tears of Joy (Rosh HaShanah Day 1)

Mets infielder Wilmer Flores wept publicly during a game upon hearing that he may have been traded. His emotion struck a chord for the common fear of vulnerability we all share. 2,103 more words

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