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ORMs Should Update "Changed" Values, Not Just "Modified" Ones

In this article, I will establish how the SQL language and its implementations distinguish between changed values and modified values, where a changed value is a value that has been “touched”, but not necessarily… 3,075 more words



Let’s hibernate together when the first snow falls,

or make plans to go south when the lead goose calls.

“Hurry up, or we’ll be late, 108 more words

Spring and Hibernate Video Course - Developing CRUD Application

Hello everyone,

In this entire video series we are going to learn how to make a web application that involves Create, Read, Update and Display (CRUD) operations. 161 more words


Advantages of Hibernate

  • Opensource and Lightweight –¬†Hibernate framework is opensource under the LGPL license and lightweight.
  • Provides query statistics and database status:¬†Hibernate supports Query cache and provide statistics about query and database status.
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Introduction To Hibernate

Suppose there is a java application which has User class (table) which asks for user data (rows representing objects) like-ID, Name, DOB, etc.

These data need to be stored in database for saving, retrieving or manipulating data in future (using any query language – ex: Sql). 194 more words


What's new in JPA 2.2 - Java 8 Date and Time Types

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Now that the JPA 2.2 Review Ballot was approved, let’s start analyzing some of the new additions to the standard which have been supported by Hibernate for quite some time already. 642 more words


How to map Java and SQL arrays with JPA and Hibernate

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Hibernate custom Types allow you to map all sorts of database specific column types, like IP address, JSON columns, bit sets or SQL arrays. 1,247 more words