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A day in the life - May 23rd (tap out)

Today made me lie down and hibernate in a corner for six years. I was perpetually tired. We learnt about healing on Form today; I just found it totally boring. 108 more words


How to fix "wrong column type encountered" schema-validation errors with JPA and Hibernate

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Mapping entities to database tables is usually a very straightforward process. However, if your mappings are rather unusual, you might bump into some rare issues like this one I found on the… 577 more words


Batch-Updation in Hibernate

Batch Updation in Hibernate

JDBC has long been offering support for DML statement batching. By default, all statements are sent one after the other, each one in a separate network round-trip. 126 more words


The fastest way to update a table row when using Hibernate and Oracle

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Oracle provides several pseudocolumns, and ROWID is one of them. The ROWID pseudocolumn specifies the address of the underlying database record, and according to… 843 more words


American Toad

I walked around the corner of the house, and

there was a toad, still, not moving.

It measured roughly three inches in length.

They can live to 10 years, or even longer. 50 more words


C3P0 Production Settings

I have given below the configuration having in mind minimum resource. You need to tailor it according to your application need.

Generally in production release, we need to ensure the removal of unwanted configs which may cause some other problem after release in Live. 264 more words