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How to replace the TABLE identifier generator with either SEQUENCE or IDENTITY in a portable way

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As previously explained, the TABLE identifier generator does not scale, so you should avoid id. However, some enterprise applications might need to run on both MySQL (which does not support database sequences), as well as Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server 2012. 840 more words


Java connectvity with mongo db

Following program will show you to connect with mongoDB database using java..

package com.sats.mongopract;

import java.util.List;

import org.bson.BasicBSONObject;

import com.mongodb.BasicDBObject;
import com.mongodb.DB;
import com.mongodb.DBCollection;
import com.mongodb.DBCursor; 136 more words


Landscape of a Grieving Heart

Streams of tears flow outwardly

The light within intermingles with darkness

The once lush trees of life stand stark, bare, raw.

The heart hibernates

While the winter of grief settles in.

Reflections On Daily Life

large file from hive to rdbms(oracle)

Recently we have a requirement of dumping a sizable file(4+G) to oracle from s3. The file itself is hive-compatiable. so instead of downloading the file and generate sql for it, we decided to transfer the content using hive jdbc and persist in via jpa/hiberante. 421 more words


Emerge on the Other Side

Sometimes you won’t know what you want.

Sometimes all you can do is unplug, hibernate, and ride the wave.

There were times in the past where I definitely wanted to hibernate for weeks, and I did. 432 more words


Book Review - SQL Antipatterns

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I’ve just finished the wonderful SQL Antipatterns book by Bill Karwin. The book is a must-have reference for any developer that has to interact with a relational database system. 344 more words


Old Man Winter

Dear Reader: Hello and welcome to the first newsletter of this brand new cycle. The holiday rush has finally passed and we are on the brink of a new life adventure. 697 more words