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Random Fact: Week 13

A snail can hibernate for up to three years, and live for up to 15 years.


How to batch DELETE statements with Hibernate


In my previous post, I explained the Hibernate configurations required for batching INSERT and UPDATE statements. This post will continue this topic with DELETE statements batching. 1,163 more words


Hibernate: Values for date type properties. Inserting/Updating values in Database

We do have entities in our applications which are meant to store created and updated date/time of the records.All RDBMS provide data types like Timestamp and DateTime to insert the values automatically at the time of record insertion rather than making the developers handle them in query. 200 more words


jOOQ vs. Hibernate: When to Choose Which

Hibernate has become a de-facto standard in the Java ecosystem, and after the fact, also an actual JavaEE standard implementation if standards matter to you… 822 more words


ClassCastException on Hibernate 4.3.x and Glassfish 4.x

I am attempting to utilize Hibernate 4.3.8 in a service that I am creating that will be running on Glassfish 4.1. When I attempt to… 150 more words



Don’t humans like to hibernate? Like take a break from the world of technology and people? How can one continue to love people throughout the day? 256 more words