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Spring 4 MVC + Spring 3 Security + Hibernate 4 - integration with java annotations

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This may be the final post in the Spring 4 environment setup. We have already completed 3 out of 4 stages.


How to create a fully dynamic Hibernate Model for an existing Database

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In this post, I want to describe how I created a fully dynamic mapping for HQL at runtime for a large scale business database migration tool. 1,803 more words


Hibernate and Spring Integration

Now days everyone is interested in building smart application with ORM tools +Spring.Here we are going to do configuration of Hibernate with Spring.

Steps 1:Create Maven project having name as hibernate. 1,826 more words


Hibernate URL Configuration for SQL Server Express

This is configuration of hibernate jdbc url for SQLServer Express


A beginner's guide to Cache synchronization strategies


A system of record is the authoritative data source when information is scattered among various data providers. When we introduce a caching solution, we automatically duplicate our data. 447 more words


Hibernate Tutorial with Eclipse

In this tutorial we will discuss some basics of hibernate. Hibernate is a widely used object relation mapping tool and is used in most of enterprise level java application.   823 more words


Could not obtain transaction-synchronized Session for current thread

I autowire a DAO with the controller. Do not ask me, ‘Hey stupid, why do you want to couple the controller with a DAO’. Because I’m setting up the environment. 311 more words