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How does persist and merge work in JPA

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When using JPA, entity state transitions are translated automatically to SQL statements. This post is going to explain when to use persist… 1,189 more words


Handling multiple database transactions in Mysql

Note: Using MySQL as database, and Hibernate as ORM, but the method should work elsewhere

Recently in my organisation we encountered an issue, where we were having two transaction from two separate database systems. 283 more words

The best way to detect database connection leaks

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Database connections are not free, and that’s the reason for using a connection pooling solution in the first place. However, the connection pool alone does not solve every issue associated to managing database connections. 1,063 more words


Bootstrap and DataTables in a Spring MVC Application. - Part 3. (Final)

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In this last part of this article, we will develop the client side of our CRUD application with BootStrap and DataTables.

As you may know, Bootstrap is a HTML, CSS and Javascript framework for developing responsive, mobile-first web sites. 1,381 more words


Bootstrap and DataTables in a Spring MVC Application. - Part 2.

Continuing the previous article about Bootstrap and DataTables in a Spring MVC application, today we will develop the server side of our CRUD application. 1,628 more words


Bootstrap and DataTables in a Spring MVC Application. - Part 1.

Hello everyone!

This is the first post I write for this blog, in which I hope it will be the first of many. I’ve started this blog with the intention to share some ideas about software development. 2,401 more words


How to Write a Custom Hibernate ID Generator

In this example, I’m using Spring, Hibernate, H2, JUnit, and AssertJ.

Write an implementation of  the interface, IdentifierGenerator. Here, I’ve written one that returns a UUID with uppercase letters. 255 more words