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Sharing Winter

What will you do on these long winter nights when only the wild is your comfort?

How will you think away those hours and possibly be buried in bad schisms of your cortex? 138 more words


(Ordinary Moments 2015) *No 34* Lazy Mornings

I’ve been really enjoying some Lazy Mornings this week.
I haven’t been feeling 100%, pretty sure I’m fighting off the start of a winter cold with a sore throat and tiredness… 538 more words

Ordinary Moments 2015

Wanted: a cave, no wifi

You out can tell that winter’s setting in because it’s all about hibernating in our house: hiding away from the world, feeling the comfort of a small space to cosy up in. 425 more words



I don´t know it it´s the autumn or that the peak of my anxiety has passed, but this is bliss.

I went into a phase, where I barely feel anything, I´m mellow and I sleep away half of the 24 hours in a day. 79 more words


Goodby for now.

Luminous Pretense will be hibernating for the Autumn; there will likely be no new posts for the next few months. My apologies to ye all, O hypothetical audience.


Hibernating With Onions

Hibernating… so hibernating… I would never survive anywhere that had temps in single digits longterm. Hell I can’t even stand it for the several weeks of really cold winter. 279 more words



Did you know that the jury is still out on whether bears truly hibernate? I was reading about hibernation today because I’m convinced that if my dog, Z, left me alone for long enough I could potentially reach a state of hibernation. 449 more words