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Goodby for now.

Luminous Pretense will be hibernating for the Autumn; there will likely be no new posts for the next few months. My apologies to ye all, O hypothetical audience.


Hibernating With Onions

Hibernating… so hibernating… I would never survive anywhere that had temps in single digits longterm. Hell I can’t even stand it for the several weeks of really cold winter. 279 more words



Did you know that the jury is still out on whether bears truly hibernate? I was reading about hibernation today because I’m convinced that if my dog, Z, left me alone for long enough I could potentially reach a state of hibernation. 449 more words


WIP or Abandoned?

WIP givesĀ a positive spin to all those shapeless, incomplete projects. In the first few months of my crochet days, I bought yarn for a project, finished it & then figured out what to buy/do next. 180 more words


I am grateful: Day 17

Still stuck in this slump of a mood, so struggling to think of what to write.

I guess I am grateful for … internet.

During this time when I am at home quite often, I simply can’t imagine what I would be doing if I didn’t have internet. 91 more words

Not Dead... Just Hibernating...

Since school is out I have been hibernating that’s right! No being awake for longer than 3 hours at a time for the next few days…why because I’ve earned the right to hibernate~~~ 7 more words


Back from Hibernating


Geeze, that was a long siesta! Flora and I have been hibernating you see. Luckily, thanks to her fantastico Gramma, we kept nice and toasty in our matching jammies! 15 more words