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Juicing and Jamming

Farm life is busy as ever so here’s a snapshot of whats been going on! There is always plenty of fencing to be re-done at the farm and we have now started at the bottom of the farm field. 163 more words

Crisis of Identity

I’ve been going through some sort of existential crisis, consisting of me sort of not knowing who I am. There are too many parts of me, and sometimes they fight for control. 575 more words

Wordlessly Hibernating

Almost every day, it seems, I get on the computer to write a blog and end up playing an hour or two of various solitaire games before shutting down without ever having written a word to post. 514 more words


Hibernating in the malls - Echoes of my neighbourhood

Our Summer days over here are not filled with barbecues and frolicking at the pool side. It’s steaming hot, that staying outside for longer than is required is asking for heat stroke. 131 more words



Allow those thoughts an infinite rest

Enough trouble after unnecessary scrutiny

Choosing to be mute 

Wrongfully caught in an unsavoury repartee

Halt the train of thoughts… 42 more words


We Have Mason Bees!

This year we are adding mason bees to the homestead. A good friend has gifted me with four tubes of bees and their house is ready and waiting. 68 more words