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Not Dead... Just Hibernating...

Since school is out I have been hibernating that’s right! No being awake for longer than 3 hours at a time for the next few days…why because I’ve earned the right to hibernate~~~ 7 more words


Back from Hibernating


Geeze, that was a long siesta! Flora and I have been hibernating you see. Luckily, thanks to her fantastico Gramma, we kept nice and toasty in our matching jammies! 15 more words



Today, while waiting for Ian to finish some stuff he was doing in his boat, I noticed a butterfly caught behind the glass of the cabin, fluttering fiercely was one of our most beautiful butterflies, the Peacock.  237 more words


The "Grizzly" bear: Daddy's

I don’t know about you and your husband, but I am relating a grizzly bear to mine. The reason for this similarity is the fact that Chris can sure sleep like a bear…. 578 more words

Kamikaze Ladybugs

It’s been a fun time for us, living with the ladybugs that are trying to nest in our house. They’re somewhere in here, that we know, but they’re only coming out for food. 396 more words

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Wordless Wednesday: Hibernating Like D-dawg

February has turned out to be one long and frigid month. We are all sick of the weather. My youngest asked if we could move to Hawaii and honestly, I think it is beginning to sound like a pretty good plan. 91 more words

I think I'm turning into a bear...

Or at least, I’ve been hibernating like one. This has been one cold, nasty winter. Instead of writing and reading as much as I should be or want to be, I’ve been sleeping. 157 more words