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Wordless Wednesday: Hibernating Like D-dawg

February has turned out to be one long and frigid month. We are all sick of the weather. My youngest asked if we could move to Hawaii and honestly, I think it is beginning to sound like a pretty good plan. 91 more words

I think I'm turning into a bear...

Or at least, I’ve been hibernating like one. This has been one cold, nasty winter. Instead of writing and reading as much as I should be or want to be, I’ve been sleeping. 157 more words


Bears have the right idea

Ahhh, warm breezes, crashing waves, hot sunshine…

Wait, where am I? Well, I don’t think it’s here.

No, I’m not on Margarita Island.

I’m here… 322 more words



Today I am hibernating. I went out to Body Flow this morning and have been hunkered down in the house ever since. Here in Wisconsin we have been experiencing a cold snap the last couple of days. 182 more words

Do you hibernate?

Since today is groundhog day I think it only apropos that I confess about winter.  Every year when it rears its head I feel the need to hibernate.   352 more words

Pregnancy Diary: 38 weeks

Today I am 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant.

Baby is apparently between 6.6 and 7lb by now (although this is obviously a very generic average as both Sophia and Isaac at 39 weeks and 5 days were over 8 and a half pounds and I find it hard to believe they could put on 2 pounds in just a week!) and his or her organ systems are fully developed and ready to go! 329 more words


A bit of away.

‘ started work on a piece I can hardly lift wíth help. ; ) and know I need time to think this through and do this well.. 41 more words