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Q: What are these growths on my pignut hickory leaves? I think they are insects and they are chewing my leaves

A:  I appreciate you bringing in samples of the growths as this helped me identify the problem more easily. Actually, these growths are most likely an insect gall.  127 more words


Hickory, NC

I had two different routes that I could take to North Carolina from Maryland. I could either take I-95 to the east or head west and join up with I-81 that hugs the mountains. 890 more words


"Sensei Does 25"

We play  a game at the end of class with this big red cube. It has exercises and challenges for the students on each side, except one……one said is for the Teacher. 197 more words

In my Back Woods

A few weeks ago, when spring had not quite sprung yet, I was anxious to get out and shoot. I grabbed my camera and plunged into the woods behind my house. 65 more words

Sandy Burr


¿Por dónde comienzo? ¡Ah si! explicando por qué tardé tanto para poner un post nuevo. El asunto es sencillo: tenía un debate sobre el lugar 8 de la lista, y quería darle la oportunidad a una hamburguesa que había rondado por mi paladar y que no le había puesto la atención suficiente. 259 more words


Hickory Maple Granola Bars

I have been dreaming about this recipe for 2 nights. No joke, vividly dreaming. Let me take you back to where this all began…

I went hiking this weekend! 478 more words


Manners and Jiu-Jitsu

Good manners, common courtesy, and respect seem to be in a bit of a decline in recent history.

With the advent of social media, and the power of anonymity it provides, it is easier than ever to say and do things that you might not do in person. 431 more words