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North Carolina-Furniture Market-May 29

North Carolina People, Places, and Things-May 29

I am the dad to five adult children. As they were growing up I attempted to remind them they were special and to implore them to learn something new. 258 more words

North Carolina

Random Width Flooring: Efficient Use of a Valuable Resource

In the normal course of my business, I am sometimes asked to make flooring out of my customers’ logs. Because I mill the logs into random width boards, I would often get stuck with trying to determine the best width to make the flooring, knowing that no single width would have that great of a yield. 655 more words


Too many weapons?

I am very fond of my hickory staff.  As botanically inclined readers probably know, hickory is quite a widespread genus (Carya from Ancient Greek: κάρυον = nut) – 5 or 6 species in China, probably a dozen in the US, probably 4 in Canada (poor immigration control – I think there are 2 that are more or less unique to Canada) and several more in Mexico and India. 151 more words

Mortuary Transport Service N.C.

We Pride ourselves on excellence! With 16 years in the Removal /Transportation industry, we have grown with the firms we serve. Your Customs and Traditions are carried through in a Dignified manner, as we consider ourselves to be an Extended member of your staff.  195 more words


Q: What are these growths on my pignut hickory leaves? I think they are insects and they are chewing my leaves

A:  I appreciate you bringing in samples of the growths as this helped me identify the problem more easily. Actually, these growths are most likely an insect gall.  127 more words


Hickory, NC

I had two different routes that I could take to North Carolina from Maryland. I could either take I-95 to the east or head west and join up with I-81 that hugs the mountains. 890 more words