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Review - Hicks' "I Belong To You"

Swedish-country artist Miquael Persson aka Hicks is back with another single. This isn’t the first time Hicks’ work has been reviewed on the site, as… 462 more words


Prince's Briefcase: Spivey v. Battaglia (Hicks Torts)

Hicks Torts: Intentional Torts

Here is a case from my Torts class which explains the concept of an intentional tort or an offensive and harmful contact against an individual.  457 more words

Suffolk Law School

Difference Between Braxton Hicks and Real Labor Contractions

VIDEO: Obstetrician Paul Crane, MD, shares advice on how to tell the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and real contractions that lead to labor.

Stoically Speaking Episode VIII - Meditations Book 3 - Hicks

Stoically Speaking continues its series of reading the Meditations of Marcus Aurelius translated by the Hicks brothers. Continuing from episode 6, this episode will be the third book (or rather chapter) of the philosophical text. 109 more words


I Don’t Know Why It Irks Me…it Just Does (May 2015)

My wife and I have been married for almost twenty years, and we rarely ever agree on anything. One thing she always seems to dismiss is my ranting about things that irk me, which is why I use this blog as my pallet for irks and rants. 899 more words


Hello everyone~

How are we today?

I am trying to kickstart my creativity again by attempting to write some Aliens flash fictions. Just some short extracts of about 500-1000 words. 238 more words


Vibrational Space

This takes time and will to access this special state of the soul and relation with the surrounding.

To be honest here, this is the most  290 more words