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The Neoclassical Synthesis and the Mind-Body Problem

The neoclassical synthesis that emerged in the early postwar period aimed at reconciling the macroeconomic (IS-LM) analysis derived from Keynes via Hicks and others with the neoclassical microeconomic analysis of general equilibrium derived from Walras. 1,847 more words


Trove Tuesday 2015.09.15

Jill Ball aka @Geniaus issued a challenge about #TroveTuesday. I love Trove but I really hadn’t shared how much.

So I decided to share some items that I had placed on display at the exhibition of A Century of Weddings of the Black Diamond Districts in the Northern Illawarra. 128 more words

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Mariners 7 | Rockies 2

Roenis was ON FIRE to start . . .
– He retired NINE in-a-row to start the game (w/SEVEN strikeouts – all swinging!!) 568 more words


This isn’t your momma’s spirituality

I’m cleaning out my writing folder.  I wonder if other bloggers are like me.  I seem to have several articles I’ve started but… then stop.  So I wrote this a few months ago. 756 more words

Spiritual Writing

Week 6: Technical - Reflection of Quiz 6A & 6B

I noticed in this week’s quiz activities, I was constantly getting confused and needed to refer back to the textbook.

The week 6 quizzes were related to punctuation, and the chapter that was required to be read contained a mass of rules for individual punctuation symbols. 120 more words


Mighty Morphin Retail Employee

Once again I’ve drawn my coworker, Gigantor, as the heroine of today’s comic. She prevails over idiotic hicks this week, who she had the unfortunate run in with during a Midwest Mart weekend from hell. 75 more words

Your Life Is Your Laboratory

In, “The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent” Abraham, through Esther Hicks, refers to this as Action Reality and Emotional Reality.

Neville says, “To be conscious of being or possessing anything is to be or have that which you are conscious of possessing.” He refers to this as, “Adopting the consciousness.” 802 more words