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Review of The Mythology of Richard III by John Ashdown-Hill

I have read several of JAH’s books and always find them thoroughly researched and informative. That’s not to say that I always agree with his conclusions, but mostly I do. 355 more words

Stoically Speaking Episode IV - Meditations Book 1 - Hicks

Stoically Speaking has decided that it will do an alternating series of podcasts dedicated to solely reading Stoic texts of particular translations. The first book in this series of readings will be Marcus Aurelius’ M… 117 more words


The Law of Attraction

I couldn’t possibly love this anymore :) The law of attraction fascinates me, and the more I learn about it the more it makes so much sense. 86 more words

More missing monarchs

On Saturday, we reported that the “Kingfinder General” (Philippa Langley) is now on the trail of Henry I, originally buried in Reading Abbey, and hoping to test the remains in Westminster Abbey that purport to be Edward V and his brother but are reckoned not to be by modern scientists. 105 more words

Imagery Deficit Disorder

I fell the other day while entering my house with groceries in hand. Sign from the universe? Of course. But what does it mean when you go down? 473 more words

Defend Your Mind From Constant Information and Stimulation Overload

It is important to defend your mind especially today and protect your mind from constant stimulation and overload. We are all in the same boat. Tired and worn out. 27 more words

Husky Burnett's Gig

Myself and one of my favorite bass players in town Adam Painter got the chance to join the stage with Husky Burnette for a gig at Schooners, a local bar and venue in town. 18 more words