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It's a Kind of Magic!!

What do you do if you have next to nothing in the fridge or cupboards?   Well if you’re anything like me you grab a kitchen assistant by the hand and head to the kitchen to bake what I am calling a Magic cake! 384 more words

Welcome to your Vortex: the land of your highest excitement

What exactly does it mean to be in your Vortex? Well, It means: to live a life within your highest excitement, within your very best enjoyment, experiencing right in this moment what it is exactly that gives you the most fun, fulfillment, peace & happiness. 290 more words


Day 14: Here There Be Technology

Hello everybody,

Today was sort of all over the place. Having finished reading Chapters 3, 5, and 6 of Troy Hicks’ Crafting Digital Writing, we discussed and analyzed the differences of “digitally convenient” and “digitally enhanced” texts here on the… 707 more words

This I Believe

Today's Quik Quotes #6


“Celebrate the little things… The big things in life are important like births, graduations, weddings, promotions, deaths, & life-changing events that mark the changing seasons of life. 351 more words

Human Potential Movement

Checkin' Chocs for Jezzer.

Our awesome ted-mate and fellow blogger Jeremy Bear from Jezzer Checks Chocs has asked us to do a review of some choccie we came across the other day that isn’t available where he lives.   409 more words

Is Spring Here?

After weeks and weeks of freezing temperatures, gloomy grey skies and so much rain it caused flooding around our home town and across most of the state…we actually had 2 days of sunshine and warmish weather!! 559 more words

Day 12-Is the Key Mightier than the Pen?

Credit to Kaleb for a fantastic and fitting title for today’s blog.

Before the Door

Before coming to class today, we prepared for our discussion on digital literacy and using technology in a writing classroom by reading two works by Troy Hicks: 1,548 more words

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