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Safe and Stylish HID Bulbs for Your Vehicle

Cars are not just a mode of transportation. They speak about their owner’s status, personality, and even their preferences. Normal cars can look dull after some time. 367 more words

H1 Hid Bulbs

The benefits of using digital HID ballasts over the electronic ones

Important tips for buying HID bulbs

Ballasts are an integral part of HID bulbs and serve the role of engine to start electricity and maintain its constant flow. 387 more words


Overview Of Installing HID Headlights

There are a few reasons why drivers will want to add in some High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights. These are some impressive features for cars, so owners may be interested in how they will work. 518 more words

HID Headlights

3 Major Disadvantages of Having HID Headlights

Have you ever been driving down the road, approaching a vehicle and you notice that their headlight are so bright that they almost look as if they are blue in color? 501 more words

HID Headlights

Why you should Choose Phillips xenon bulbs over other brands

Many people, when they purchase a car, consider accessorizing their own car with a variety of features like a good music player, speakers, alloy tires, body kits and glass tints along with other accessories which enhance the aesthetics of an automobile. 585 more words


Xenon: Switching Conventional Car Bulbs to Xenon

If you are contemplating transforming car bulbs to strengthen the light-weight created from your automobile by switching from standard bulbs to Xenon lights you will in all probability be weighing up the value as opposed to the positive aspects, of which there are quite a few. 505 more words

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