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My Favourite Akatsuki members!

Here is my list of my favourite Akatsuki members. (They are arranged in random order)
Heres The List

Deidara- Deidara was an S-rank missing-nin from Iwagakure. 262 more words


Recruiting into Akatsuki! Leaf Village - Naruto Shippuden 457

Naruto Shippuden 457 see’s the Akatsuki crew try to recruit a few people, specifically we see Deidara and Hidan get picked up into the gang as they go on and do their own thing. 322 more words


Naruto Storm 4: The Immortals (vs match)

These are the well known immortals of the Naruto Shinobi universe! Kakuzu is older than the first Homage of the leaf village. he steals other people’s Hearts and powers in order to live longer and have more power. 187 more words


Team Leaders Captured! Akatsuki Appears - Naruto Shippuden 433

Naruto Shippuden 433 looks upon the adventure Naruto and others have started as they all go on ahead to find whats going on with what had happened to their missing team members. 468 more words