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I can't sleep...

I can feel the coldness of my skinThe warmth of my pain

And the toxins flow through my body with every dry breath.

The hunger in my stomach. 43 more words


【專訪】樂隊在音樂節台上穿「Save Hidden Agenda」T裇,台下的我們該知道什麼?

剛過去的周末,以「本地薑」為號召的音樂節「wow and flutter WEEKEND」在西九文化區舉行,大會特地以香港、九龍及新界命名三個舞台,邀請超過五十支樂隊與音樂人參與,包括歷史較長、受眾較廣的樂隊,亦有數十支涵蓋不同類型的新晉樂隊。

當日不少樂隊及音樂人,不約而同在台上呼籲樂迷關注牛頭角Live House Hidden Agenda(HA)正危在旦夕。Gravity Alterstra在背景錄像重複投映出「Save Hidden Agenda」字眼,ANWIYCTI演出後更借出舞台予HA負責人阿和上台發言,而參與音樂節的部份樂隊及工作人員,亦穿上印有「Save Hidden Agenda」的衣服演出。

「Save Hidden Agenda」T裇是由Imagine Imagine Imagine Records的主腦Yuman、樂隊NI.NE.MO.主音Tedman,及樂隊ANWIYCTI的Eqqus於音樂節前印製,並向參演單位及相關人士派發。



Yuman認為,HA對本地樂隊生態非常重要,「很多樂隊第一場演出就在HA,與純商業的場地不同,那裡是培育樂隊的重要場地。我的廠牌出唱片,除了HA實在想不到可在哪兒搞發佈會。這次發起印T裇,因為我相信我們需要一個Live House,而不是多一個演唱會場地。」 56 more words


Jedadiah Leland's Adventures In The Internet Archive

I have just returned from exploring the Internet Archive.  The Archive, which is also the home of the Wayback Machine, is a non-profit online library with millions of free books, movies, software, music, and websites.   1,088 more words

Game Review

DEFINING THE WORTHY: Qualifying Clergy, Church, and Ministry Donations (2)

         “How in the world did Paul learn directly from the Lord since the Lord had already died, was resurrected, and went to heaven? How was it that Paul appropriated the Lord Jesus as his new and only Rabbi?” 1,044 more words

'Sects Thursday 08/04/2016

*Some have speculated as to whether or not the Pokemon Go craze could have some hidden agenda, what with all the location data being shared and all… … 14 more words


ANTI-DISCIPLESHIP: The Problem of Willful Immaturity

         The Lord Jesus commanded us to be excellent disciples. We must be fully trained. The majority of Christians refuse this command. Most Christians are willfully immature.  878 more words
Lord Jesus

Look Beyond the Obvious

hidden agendas
are rendered conspicuous 
by shadows they cast

The Daily Post Discover Challenge: A Piece of Advice