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ANTI-DISCIPLESHIP: The Problem of Willful Immaturity

         The Lord Jesus commanded us to be excellent disciples. We must be fully trained. The majority of Christians refuse this command. Most Christians are willfully immature.  878 more words
Lord Jesus

Moment of Regret

Regret is the biggest pain of life,  every single human being has regrets. It doesn’t matter the person is good or bad,  everyone has regrets. In my opinion, good person regret that they could have done better to make things better and bad person regrets that they should have done  more to make things worst. 362 more words


Look Beyond the Obvious

hidden agendas
are rendered conspicuous 
by shadows they cast

The Daily Post Discover Challenge: A Piece of Advice


H is for... Hidden Agenda

The running gag while watching Hidden Agenda was asking each other, “Does the ‘hidden’ part refer to the plot?”

There was a basic, followable plot that was buried under endless characters, though I do have to give the movie props for naming all of its characters and using their names enough to remember who everyone is. 2,659 more words

H Is For...

The Privatization of Prisons

Free enterprise and competition make some government functions more efficient and less expensive. However, there is a subtle downside to this and private prisons are the most pernicious example. 284 more words

Society's Failures


香港獨立演出場地Hidden Agenda(HA),由2010年起多次被迫遷及地政警告騷擾,直至現時隱身於大業街工廈。但早前負責人許仲和在Facebook貼出地政署的信件,指單位用作「音樂表演場地及音樂錄影製作室用途」,不符租契訂明用途。他明言,現有條例下,大廈一日不被活化及重建,便沒法申請娛樂牌照。加上全觀塘工廈的地契屬同一類別,故即使搬遷也不能解決問題。




#ThrowbackThursday / #ThrowbackThreesday: Craig David

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Craig David has had some amazing songs in his time! Since we featured his latest track  322 more words

Throwback Thursday