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Beyond Customer Experience, Mapping the Customer's Journey (notes)

Data, like milk, is best consumed fresh; the longer we take to analyze it, the more likely we are to lose the thread that connects it to its original meaning.

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Rio Olympics opening ceremony had images that resembled:

Projected evil eye with satanic “peace” sign (original crucifixion upside down teutonic rune of death) with added leaves (for pagan tree worship) appears centre of “iris” as fireworks make stadium appear as the eye. 44 more words

Technocracy : Caravan to Midnight

John B Wells talks with Patrick Wood, author of Technocracy Rising, about the most insidious threat to the liberty and self determinism of each and every individual, family and community present with us now – Patrick’s extensive knowledge and research here offers us a complete overview of the history, development and implimentation of Technocracy…..essential to know in the fight against global slavery and the homogenisation of the human species.

Human Costs

Have you thanked a DJ?

I have been recording segments for a two show on Sunday mornings every fifth week since late last year. It has been a real pleasure to work with the folks like Chris Mcintyre, Chris Postin and the rest of the crew at… 288 more words


Hidden in Plain Sight

Of the countless art pieces that line the walls of Ottawa City Hall, this sculpture – Butterfly, by Dutch artist Pim van der Maas – is probably my favourite. 354 more words

Ilene B. Benator: Schizo - Hidden in Plain Sight

Insane asylum

Two inmates: One Escape

Former medical student Dan Greenberg’s life is an endless round of medications, dull food and listless, and at times, violent companions. 83 more words

Murder In Common

Hidden in Plain Sight

On O’Connor Street, Between Laurier Avenue and Gloucester Street, this sculpture is a bit of a mystery to me. I couldn’t find a plaque or any artist info. 280 more words