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Based On Words

What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear “Based On Words“? ‘It is something someone has said’ or another possible first thought is ‘It is a he said she said’ proof of evidence angle. 3,653 more words

Hidden In Plain Sight

Your Aura

Have you ever quietly watched someone that seems to stand out? There is something about them that is different from the others surrounding them. You know it has nothing to do with their physical appearance for there are many others who have equal or even better appearance than them. 1,888 more words

Hidden In Plain Sight

See Me

It is a very saddening experience when you feel like no one sees you. You know you have solid form like everyone else yet it seems like you are a ghost.   1,885 more words

Past The Surface

Austentacious Self

Almost everything that I learned about self-confidence, I learned from Elizabeth Bennett. I love how being second never dimishes her idea of who she is. She even exudes self-confidence in the face of adversity, Mr. 249 more words

Post A Day

God's Side

I have discovered over time that God loves to share with us if we will take the time and slow down to look and listen for Him. 3,054 more words

Past The Surface

Exchanging A Day

Exchanging a day of your life” is about the inward spirit you and the value of yourself. How much do you value the seconds and minutes of your day? 1,708 more words

Hidden In Plain Sight

Behind the Windshield

In the beginning of the creation of man God took the dust of the earth and formed a natural earthly image and likeness of Himself. If you were to look on the ground at this moment as God’s Spirit hovers over the clay body you would see a man lying there like an artistic clay statue. 1,703 more words

Past The Surface