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Born in Prison

I was born in prison. As any other child before reaching the age of perceiving and understanding reality life was normal to me. My parent’s crime carried the death penalty without the option of parole. 3,847 more words

Hidden In Plain Sight

I Want To Die

Hi! I am glad you stopped by to read “I Want To Die“.  This is something that has crossed everyone’s mind sometime in their life. 3,057 more words


Voice / Media / Theatre | Qubit

Tonight in New York, Voice / Media / Theatre is Qubit’s season finale party, proposing the powerful combination of voice, instruments, electronic sound, and video that explores dramaturgy mediated and mediatized. 99 more words


Hidden in Plain Sight

Keeping things from your parents is a part of every teenager’s life and Ashleigh Rivers is no different. However, her biggest secret may soon be revealed to her parents, and she’s not entirely sure how they will take it. 1,567 more words


Nobody Knows

There is no human being in the past, present, or future that knows in one hundred percent details of what is going on deep down inside your mind, heart, and soul except for one who is no longer here physically. 2,925 more words

Past The Surface