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Samsung: Where Tech Meets Art

If you found my post about Times Square to be intriguing, here is another place you can find technological artistry in NYC. I stumbled across… 289 more words


Digital Art: Midnight Moment

If galleries and museums aren’t really your thing, it’s ok. Living the artful life isn’t confined to viewing paint-smeared canvases in museums and galleries. Have you ever considered that technology could be artistic? 209 more words


Hidden in Plain Sight

And now, back to an art-posting!

I don’t really think that calling this sculpture “lost” or “hidden” is really apt…but I’ll still include it in my occasional series on public artwork. 154 more words

It IS a trick (not a treat).

Skulls are everywhere, even on baby clothes. The icon of the death cult is ever more pervasive due to the sterling efforts of that very dubious artist with the aptly dubious name. 163 more words

Battlefield 1 Campaign Part 13 "Hidden in Plain Sight" and "Young Men's Work"

The final War Story in the Battlefield 1 Campaign is titled “Nothing Is Written” and features some more stealth based gameplay. Honestly, who knew we’d be sneaking around so much in a Battlefield game? 17 more words


joy in looking closer to ground

Sometimes we just have to look closer to ground or make an opening to discover hidden beauty. A swathe of green or concealing dark shadow can temporarily stand in the way of a revealing, as can distraction and lack of attention to detail. 552 more words