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Was tun? - eine Wunderkammer

This week in Berlin! So glad to be included in another collaboration with Opera Lab Berlin along with some of my favorite composers and musicians working at the threshold of performance, theater, electroacoustic, and documentary sound.

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Exposing the real you

I was afraid to publish my short story.

Not because it was risqué or difficult. I felt it was a great piece; honest and true. And that was the problem. 431 more words


New Mac - old story

Oh dear, the new Mac Pro desktop is a lovely machine. No really it is and I would be happy to have one if I had silly amounts of extra cash and actually needed something that can do all that the new Mac can  However, the advertising for it is stuck in the usual hidden-in-plain sight satanic imagery rut that nearly everything is subjected to these days. 104 more words

Putting a different spin on it

Sometimes the spiritual radar just looks at something and instinctively knows it isn’t right in some way. Fidget spinners for instance. What is it about those eh? 517 more words

2018.02.17: camouflaged

deer in open field

the color of winter grass

hidden in plain sight



Obfuscation is not a pre-requisite for writing

but it helps if you perhaps wish to create an air of mystery

fortunately the ‘they-saw-us’ brigade coming to the fore has… 291 more words


Hidden Good Works

Restlessness. Even on weekends, my mind and body refuses to co-operate because it seems more active than usual. I say a silent prayer in the hope of getting rest but realized that it is fleeting and I wake with more thoughts than answers. 726 more words