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Hidden Good Works

Restlessness. Even on weekends, my mind and body refuses to co-operate because it seems more active than usual. I say a silent prayer in the hope of getting rest but realized that it is fleeting and I wake with more thoughts than answers. 726 more words


Hidden in Plain Sight

Domestic violence takes many forms: sometimes it takes the form of our best friend, of our loved one, of a neighbor, of a stranger in passing, and sometimes it even takes the form of your own face. 149 more words


I do the writing on my articles. Jane does the promotion. If you know Jane, you know she is outspoken. Last Wednesday she got mad at one of the social media where she promotes my stuff and was going to write a big exposé on censorship. 954 more words


Hidden in Plain Sight

I’ve never bothered to look up anything about the sculpture that stands on the Elgin-street side of the Ottawa Courthouse, but given it’s location, I just always assumed it was a simple representation of a court scene. 272 more words

Born in Prison

I was born in prison. As any other child before reaching the age of perceiving and understanding reality life was normal to me. My parent’s crime carried the death penalty without the option of parole. 3,847 more words

Hidden In Plain Sight

I Want To Die

Hi! I am glad you stopped by to read “I Want To Die“. ¬†This is something that has crossed everyone’s mind sometime in their life. 3,057 more words