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It Won't Stop Here

After the “mistakes” the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) made in its rulings. The truth has a way of raising its ugly little head and there will soon be more to follow, I’m sure. 139 more words


German Police Stand For The Rule Of Law

When not actually running away, that is.

Around 200 African migrants in refugee accommodation in the small southern German town of Ellwangen have forced police to release a man who was due to be deported to the Congo. 141 more words


Russia To Begin Behaving Better Now

Because, well, Germany’s foreign minister has told them to.

Thank goodness. I wish someone would have told them this earlier. These tensions with Russia have been really sucky lately. 140 more words


German Of The Day: Kristallklar

That means crystal-clear. You know, like Germany’s policy of backing the airstrikes in Syria as “necessary and appropriate” – immediately after they have taken place? 154 more words


Save Chico!

But always keep him fed really, really well, OK?

It’s German oddity time again. They may not care much for humans but when it comes to dogs they’re, well, nuts. 156 more words


I Would Rather Have Venezuela

Well received? “Berlin’s bid for UN Security Council seat was well received, but questions remain.”

I don’t have any questions. No way. Go with Venezuela. 120 more words


Maybe The Germans Mean Business After All

When it comes to deporting asylum seekers who have been turned down here.

They actually just sent a plane with rejected asylum seekers to Afghanistan, for instance. 80 more words