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She's Not Even Showing Her Bazoobies

What’s the point of that?

Femen women these days. They used to take this kind of thing much more seriously. But now? Once sextivists start throwing confetti at adversaries without even bothering to take their tops off then I say this movement has jumped the shark. 19 more words


Grass Bites Grass

And I bet he’s greener on the other side now, too.

No, but seriously folks… He was very outspoken. And he spoke out a lot. 68 more words


A New Axis Of Evil Or Something

It’s not just Germany hurting Greek feelings anymore (although the Germans are still evil, too).

The Greek government is now accusing Spain and Portugal of conspiring against it, as well. 98 more words


Which Name's Worse?

Denis Cusper, Deso Dogg or Abu Talha al-Alman?

Personally, I’d go with Denis Da Dogg. I mean, he is still trying to sell records, right? 46 more words


North Korea Demands Film Not Being Shown At Film Festival Not Be Shown At Film Festival

And when North Korea demands something, the Berlinale listens.

Organizers here quickly buckled under pressure and have now sheepishly agreed to take the film not being shown on their program off their program immediately. 79 more words