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Temporary Border Controls To Be Temporarily Extended Until Next Temporary Border Control Extension

Finally “getting it” at long last, Germany will now ask the European Commission to allow it to extend the temporary border controls it too has imposed in the Schengen zone beyond mid-May, “provided we are able to say that the European Commission said we could do this just in case anybody asks,” an unnamed German official said on Saturday. 66 more words


Germany To Receive Electroshock Therapy

In another electrifying example of tax dollar waste (or in this case tax euro waste), Angela Merkel’s government has just made a deal with automakers to spend some 1.2 billion euros on incentives to boost sluggish electric car sales in Germany. 99 more words


Yoga Spend The Rest Of Your Life In Prison

Or at least a year or two of your life, if it’s a German prison. Maybe longer, even. But only if they keep you in for good behavior. 92 more words


The Best Of Both Worlds

It’s a win-win situation for Germany again.

Austria solves the Germans’ refugee problem but they can still bitch and moan about how awful Austria is for having put up the mean and nasty border fence that did the solving. 84 more words


Is 77 Percent A Lot?

That’s the percentage of migrants who came to Germany in January without having any identification papers.

But don’t worry about that or anything. Everything is under control, as usual. 134 more words


Speaking Of Life Jackets...

Anybody who voluntarily goes to this event needs to be wearing one at the very least. Und zwar (namely) a get-a-life jacket*.

That’s right. It’s… 101 more words