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No Evidence Here

That the Istanbul attacker targeted Germans, we read in the Deutsche Welle.

Sure all ten killed were German but that was absolutely positively a pure coincidence so don’t even go there thinking ridiculous and panicky thoughts like that, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere tells his countrymen. 46 more words


Finally, A German Non-Word Of The Year For The Rest Of Us

Please, someone please have this 2015 winner introduced into the English language ASAP, please (did I say please?): Gutmensch.

A Gutmensch is a do-gooder or a starry-eyed idealist. 75 more words


New Year's Eve Offenders Apparently Sold Stolen Cell Phones To Refugees

Spiegel Online reports that investigators in Cologne have gotten a fix on several of the cell phones stolen by the perpetrators of the sexual assault and robery attacks committed against hundreds of women on New Year’s Eve. 114 more words


If It Looks Like Dog !%#*, And Smells Like Dog !%#*, Then...

It’s still not allowed to be called dog !%#*.

Move along folks, move along. Nothing to see here. And this has absolutely positively nothing at all to do with Germany’s WAY out of control… 91 more words


German Of The Day: Datenschutz

That means data privacy and Germans are notoriously big on that, as you well know.

Take Germany’s planned reconnaissance flights over Syria and Iraq, for instance. 90 more words


Germany Says No Before Being Asked, Again

Fearing any possible Alleingänge (going it alone) by Germany, Germany is once again going it alone by telling the world it will not participate in any bombing of ISIS positions before the world ever even thinks of asking it to. 155 more words


The Mood Keeps Getting Better

Not. Here’s the latest Germany refugee crisis update:

The European Union has criticized Germany for being much too lax with refugees who are seeking asylum in Germany. 142 more words