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German Of The Day: RIAS

That stands for Rundfunk im amerikanischen Sektor and means radio (or broadcasting) in the American Sector – of a place they used to call “West Berlin.” 81 more words


Historical Monstrosities Historical Monuments

We’re so ugly we’re beautiful.

What few in 1989 wanted was the supposedly dumpy, chronically unfashionable late-1960s buildings around Alexanderplatz, relics of a defunct, unlovable regime that were perceived as having little or no architectural value. 47 more words


Good Thing Germans Have Strict Gun Control Laws

Otherwise a whole lot more people might have gotten killed here.

A man shot and killed two people in the southern German region of Bavaria on Friday, and fired at two others before being apprehended by authorities, police said. 87 more words


More Negativity

But it ain’t nothing new, folks.

More than half of Germans (53 percent) said they did not believe the United States government respects the personal freedoms of its people, according to a Pew Research Center report published on Tuesday. 37 more words


German Of The Day: Amerikanische Verhältnisse

That means “American conditions” or “the American situation,” meaning really, really bad, of course, and is most often used when referring to crime and the use of guns there. 167 more words


Communication Breakdown

It’s always the same.

Havin’ a nervous breakdown, a-drive me insane.

“I’m taking a German course this summer, then I’m emigrating.”


Meet The New Level Of Contempt

Same as the old level of contempt. This guy means well with his article and all, I guess, but he’s way off base if he thinks that Germany’s current level of anti-Americanism has only now “ 192 more words