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3D–Printed Sustainable Clothing Hides Secret Messages

Babette Sperling, a fashion design student attending the University of Zwickau in Germany, developed her own line of 3D printed clothing. Sperling  Ameican 3D Supply is a US 3D printer filament and accessories supplier devoted to improving 3D printing through providing Read More The post 3D Printed Sustainable Clothing Hides Secret Messages appeared first on American 3D Supply. 64 more words

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Change of plan - Green Bottle Blue Tarantula

So, what I had planned on posting on this here blog was information on all my friends, one by one, in order of when I got them. 383 more words


Sheepskins now available!

In an effort to utilise the whole beast, in addition to mutton and lamb meat, we also offer hides from the sheep selected for slaughter at Yarnauwi. 141 more words

Southwestern Fleurieu

An open letter to all people out there hiding their pain.

Hi I know you’re reading this because you’re broken. Ya admit it. Don’t worry you’re not the only person who fakes everything. Fake smile& laugh. I know you’re hiding everything. 145 more words

Amazing Extension ‘Hides’ Behind Cast-Iron Facade within New York

A striking architecture intervention behind one of Brand new York’s many impressive cast-iron facades led to a creative add-on. WORKac created an ingenious method of partially conceal the new expansion from road view, because requested by nearby regulations. Called “ The par…

Black and White Wednesdays: Shooting Butts Hide

One of the hides at Rainham Marshes, given a more dramatic style of processing.
(click image for full size)

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