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The Home Tanning Salon

You’ve killed your deer and you are about to start cutting it up, but would it be a shame to waste that skin?

A well-tanned hide looks great draped on furniture or as a floor mat, and although it is a lot of work, it is certainly worth it. 1,802 more words

Alum Sulphate Tanning

A Parallel Universe: My Half-Underwater Pics Show What Hides Beneath The Waves

For me one of the most wondrous parts of any dive is the moment that the water engulfs my mask as my head slips below the surface. 37 more words

Ninja cat surprise attack

There are cats… and then there are ninja cats. If you’re not sure what a ninja cat is, you need only watch the video above. The ninja cat hides in the darkness of the cupboard, biding his time until the moment is just right. 106 more words


Hillary Clinton Lies and Hides -- Do The American People Trust Her? No -- Videos

SNL’s Hillary Clinton Will Not Let Emails Get in the Way of Ultimate Power

Hillary Clinton Press Conference Addresses Her Using Private Email For Government Emails




Post 350 ⇒   by Gautam Shah 

First preparation for leather begins when raw hides are washed to clean the blood and other tissue materials. 649 more words

Interior Design

Those who have the biggest smiles have experienced many hardships.