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To Hide or To Seek

I’ve come to a point with geocaching that I was told when I started would come, and I didn’t really appreciate the warning at the time – but having virtually cleaned out all there is close to home, it’s more difficult to just go out and “grab a cache” (or 2) as it suits, and requires a bit more time (and inclination) to go seeking.   1,286 more words


Serene Holiday Home in Sweden Hides Between the Pine Trees

Villa Ljung is a charming trip house near the sea in Höllviken, Sweden. The task was completed by Johan Sundberg Architecture and comprises 3 buildings: a residence, a garage and a small cottage for an aging relative. 16 more words

Now it's Time to Play our Game

I mentioned (albeit briefly) in my last post that I had hidden 3 more caches, and was waiting for them to be reviewed an published – and with only one small hiccup, all 3 were published shortly thereafter… But that small hiccup got me to thinking, yet again, about the subjective and less than consistent application of guidelines – 3 caches, all themed with pop-culture references, and a few associated images attached… 1,463 more words


Love Letter (Unfinished, always)

I want to send you a love letter,

To say all the things I mean

When I send you everything else.

Each song I send you, 59 more words


Courtney's Canine Clips: Dog Hides Whole Sandwich In Mouth

This dog thinks he’s found the PERFECT hiding place…

Watch as a dog decides to hide an ENTIRE sandwich in his mouth!


Florida Burglar Hides in Gator Lake, Gets Eaten By Gator

File this one under “pure, uncut Florida.”
A Florida man was doing Florida things (committing crimes), when he ran afoul of Florida cops and made the ill-fated decision to hide in a Florida lake known for its dense population of alligators.  7 more words

My Moroccan Influence

This house in the Atlas mountains in Morocco is so dreamy. Take note of my influences, such as the coral pink walls, mixed with cream curtains. 51 more words