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JMeter and HiDPI -displays

It does bug the hell out of me that in Windows 10 jMeter 4 seems to be working just nicely, regardless on the display -resolution. That’s just plain wrong. 177 more words

Test Automation

Finally! Oracle SQL Developer working on HiDPI linux

Not my usual subject on this blog, but I’m just SO EXCITED! For the last year or more I’ve been relying on a nasty hack to make SQL Developer bearable on a linux HiDPI display. 291 more words


Pop!_OS Multi-DPI Support

The Problem

I use a System76 Galago Pro as my laptop. I love it. Their hardware and software play together extremely well, a refreshing change from some of my prior Linux driver experience. 1,048 more words

Rabbit Hole

The reason why Maxprog software icons are now black and white

Sometimes people ask me why all those beautiful and colorful Maxprog software icons have suddenly been replaced with black and white icons:

Actually I already posted a note about that a few months ago. 334 more words

HowTo: Downscale HiDPI to scaled resolution

I have seen the future and it is HiDPI monitors and laptop screens (what is known as Retina Display in the Apple world). My current laptop is… 1,176 more words


Changing desktop scaling on demand in Ubuntu

After a (I have to say) really nice experience with Windows 10, I decided to give a try again to Ubuntu in my Ultrabook. In particular, after a long time out of the Desktop Linux world, I chose to try… 568 more words