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Type Hierarchy Exercise

I decided to work with some fresh information following on from our School of Life hierarchy workshop. I tried to break down the steps, initially just splitting the information, then playing about with contrast using size, weight and colour. 15 more words


Evolutionary Transitions: how do Levels of Complexity Emerge?

It is a common observation that complex systems have a nested or hierarchical structure: they consist of subsystems, which themselves consist of subsystems, and so on, until the simplest components we know,  elementary particles. 123 more words


The Descent of Energy

Culture and all arts and sciences can be pictured as expressing in streams of descending energy. Evolution forms under a rainbow of hierarchical influences. So the best of human culture glows with light borrowed from above, and the sunlight of spiritual impression, in concert with our own efforts, creates history. 103 more words


My View About Competition

Competition – meaning the action of some(one or more) trying to do (something) better (in some aspects) than some.

We’ve all heard that competition among humans makes the society progress. 341 more words


Uncoachable, A Fantasy (and a Hoops Heresy)

There is an oft-related apocryphal story of an exchange in the Fall of 1906 between James Naismith, inventor of basketball and at the time Chapel Director and Head of the Department of Physical Education at the University of Kansas, and rising sophomore Forrest C. 2,258 more words


Multifaceted Living

On the sliding scale of time that gradiently builds and ebbs and recedes I am perpetually being re-context-ed and being iteratively re-inserted into particular frames of reference and spheres of existence.  999 more words