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Hifi and WW2

Cognitive dissonance is tricky to deal with.

In Germany after the war, Allied forces found a new recording technology – magnetic tape. This provided a huge leap in audio fidelity ahead of disc recordings and rapidly became the dominant mastering medium for sound. 82 more words


Sound in other spheres

Being an audiophile can be stressful. It’s like the quest for the holy grail that will never end. Innovation never stops and therefore there will always be this new groundbreaking product,  that questions everything you already know or have. 289 more words


Fixing "Error 400" on a DENON DN-C680 Professional CD Player

The DN-C680 is a high quality CD player which cost serious cash back in the day. It can often be picked up cheap nowadays with some sort of fault. 199 more words


xduoo Xq23 review “Little Giant” (english review)

Xduoo has been always my favorite brand… ask me why. They produce high quality products in a hella cheap price. I remember when I tried xduoo x2 and thinking “wow… this thing rocks!!”. 810 more words

Rank C Gear

Revolution?: HDMI ARC, eARC and S/PDIF

The move from S/PDIF to HDMI ARC failed in bringing even a small revolution, but the introduction of eARC in HDMI 2.1 may now actually allow a major revolution. 1,777 more words


TV Stand Storage Hi Fi Solid Wood. Now Sold

Approx 10 years old and in excellent condition. This useful piece of furniture is made of solid wood and capable of supporting the largest of modern TV’s. 19 more words

New Gear: Headphones, Transmitter, Music Player

Getting very tired, but want to record the date and initial thoughts of these things before I get too lazy and never write this up. I spent money I probably shouldn’t have on a new portable music player, a bluetooth transmitter, and a set of in ear stage monitor headphones. 823 more words