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Tumor/Infection Update - 4/25/16

I haven’t updated you all in a while, since my HIFU gone haywire. I mentioned this before, but want to mention again, that my particular situation was one where the Dr. 1,041 more words

Focal HIFU in treatment of (largely) intermediate-risk prostate cancer

In addition to the French data previously referred to on this site, data from another, much larger cohort of men treated with focal, high-intensity focused ultrasound (focal HIFU) are also to be presented at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Urological Association. 983 more words


HIFU for hemiablation of localized prostate cancer

A major plenary presentation at the upcoming annual meeting of the American Urological Association (AUA) will provide data from a rather small French trial of  high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) in the focal management of localized prostate cancer. 568 more words


First encounter with skin treatments at ISAAC

Well, well, well – I normally think that all the beauty treatments, skin conditioning and other anti ageing treatments are all meant for Females only. Also being a travel photojournalist and blogger – I ignore the invites for all these lifestyle/beauty/fashion related events. 1,047 more words


Máy nâng cơ trẻ hóa da HiFU

Máy nâng cơ trẻ hóa da HiFU, Máy thẩm mỹ HIFU, Máy nâng cơ HIFU, máy trẻ hóa da HIFU, Máy nâng cơ trẻ hóa da: 2,688 more words

5-year outcomes from a large cohort of HIFU-treated patients in the UK

For several years now, the Ahmed/Emberton-led research team in the United Kingdom (UK) has published the majority of the detailed outcomes data from treatment of men with localized prostate cancer using high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU). 970 more words



上文講到包包面可以分為水腫型、脂肪型及顴骨突出3大類,要改善以上問題,淨係靠塗瘦面產品點得架!最有效的方法就梗係去拉皮啦!上網調查,發現呢間OASIS MEDICAL CENTRE率先引入左最新的HIFU doublo-m瘦面科技,賣點是無痛、無創、無副作用,比起過往的拉皮瘦面科技能針對的部位更多,即係呢個全新的HIFU科技不但針對瘦面,更可以兼顧眼部及其他身體部份;OASIS MEDICAL CENTRE呢個第二代HIFU拉皮技術,利用HIFU高能量聚焦超聲波,一種非手術的超聲波緊緻提升科技,以分段式發放高能量,深入至皮下組織4.5mm深層肌腱膜(SMAS),進行聚焦加熱,有效刺激膠原自生,令肌膚底層更為緊緻,進一步瘦面及瘦雙下巴,去皺及提昇輪廓。

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幾經調查,發現有好多美容專家已經試左呢個OASIS MEDICAL CENTRE  HIFU doublo-m瘦面科技喇!就連Makeup Secret 課程總監Isadora Cheng 都推介,佢剛剛打完1個月HIFU,佢話「由於 HIFU 能令膠原增生,重組底層承托力,而這個膠原自生重組過程需要更長時間,所以 lifting 效果會在打完約 3 個月後,慢慢再變得顯著一點 = 會愈來愈 firm! 27 more words