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7 roadtrips for adventure junkies in India

Upon reading Kerouac’s On the Road for the second time; I have a sudden need to be on a road trip. Somewhere wild and free, without a care in the world. 1,704 more words


Surprisingly Good Tahini Oat Cookies

This recipe comes from dubious beginnings – I was just looking for a way to use up extra oats I had ground. I was skeptical about these cookies because although I have been trying to bake healthier, these seemed… 265 more words


Reducing Fat for Healthier Baking

In keeping with my resolution to bake healthier, I have examined ways to reduce fat in recipes. Most eaters know that fat adds flavor, but it’s important to know what else fat does in baking in order to see how to reduce it. 224 more words


Three Men and a Gun

It is always the odd situations that stick in your head. The unusual, unexpected, difficult, physically and/or mentally scarring incidents that shouldn’t have happened but somehow happened anyway. 1,775 more words



Timeframe: Late December – Early January

Flying from NYC, my COPA Airlines filght had a quick layover in Panama before arriving in Quito, Ecuador. I grabbed a taxi at the airport… 1,002 more words

South America

How To: Candy Making at High Altitude

I’ve been living at high altitude for over five years now and have slowly learned to make some adjustments while baking. One of these adjustments includes modifying the temperature while making candy. 312 more words

Effects of Cycling at Higher Altitudes

Becky Catino, a business professional, participates in a number of hobbies outside of work. For instance, Becky Catino enjoys cycling, and has participated in the sport in Colorado as well as in various international locations. 196 more words

Becky Catino