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Bison Chili with Polenta Scallion Bread

I couldn’t think of anything more quintessentially Colorado than bison chili. I am a huge fan of bison. I personally prefer the flavor of bison over beef and appreciate its lean qualities. 396 more words


Why does high altitude affect baking?

You have read in my past baking tips posts my hints for high altitude baking. I mention the lower air pressure and low humidity levels, but I don’t dig into the explanations. 396 more words


Chocolate Chip Blondies

When I first started my baking blog I decided to go easy on myself. This recipe was given to me at a high altitude baking class I attended when I first moved to Santa Fe. 248 more words


Don't let me freeze

The air temperature at higher altitudes tends to be below freezing, thus there is a risk that the batteries in the payload won’t operate effectively. Batteries in cold climates are know to have a higher resistance and will usually become flat very quickly. 148 more words


Nature | A play of light..

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How to Measure Ingredients for Baking

In baking, accurate measuring is crucial. I often add a tablespoon or two of flour for high-altitude baking, but if you get a few extra spoonfuls of flour it can result in a tough baked good. 458 more words


Cold winds, Good tidings: Part 2

Imagine a sphere. There is a certain relationship between its surface area and its volume. Now, increase the radius of the sphere. This results in an increase in both the surface area and volume. 500 more words

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