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Mocha Muffins

Ah, just what Sunday needed – a muffin to go with a mocha. They needed to be filling for breakfast but not so sweet they competed with the latte. 298 more words


Peanut Butter Chocolate Pi Day Pie

Pi Day, celebrated on March 14th (3/14), is upon us. And, because I like math and puns, I am making Pie. If you read my… 265 more words


Cookies for Breakfast

Do you ever have a few bananas on your counter that need to get eaten ASAP? That happens too often for me, and I don’t always want to turn them into bread. 319 more words


High Altitude Baking!

When you’re living 5000+ feet above sea level, baking can become a little bit more difficult. The reason for this is because low air pressure causes doughs to rise easier and lose moisture faster. 154 more words

Good Sugar

Banana Chocolate Cookies

A friend once told me that my Valentine’s Day treats weren’t sweet enough. She thought that the holiday deserved something really sweet, not really healthy. Thus began my search for the decadently sweet. 256 more words