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Even your favorite food won’t taste as good on an airplane.

The issue is that the air pressure at that altitude deadens our taste buds – kind of like having a cold. Also, our perception of salty and sweet drops 30% at high altitudes – so food tastes blander. 33 more words

Connie Sellecca

A Blazing, Shining Starry Christmas Eve

God gave me a gift on Christmas Eve four nights ago! P. and I had traveled out from Cochabamba with friends in their jeep on the 23rd, first on all those highland roads to and through the city of Oruro, which sits on the Altiplano (the GREAT, HIGH PLAIN of the ANDES of PERU and BOLIVIA, that stretches majestically between the Eastern Cordillera and the Western Cordillera of the Andes Range, and then on to Potosi, an old historic city that lies at 14,000 feet altitude!   450 more words


The Menacing Hut that Lives in El Mirador de los Andes

Silver clouds enshrouded the sky dimming the light that echoed over the frigid summer mixture of gravel and dust. After finally adjusting to the altitude in Arequipa… 288 more words

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I started this day well rested (our average going to sleep time was between 9:30 – 10P, surely due to high altitude, extreme climbing and many Piscos) with my ankle much better helped by unasked for hot water bottle in sheep’s clothing.   1,057 more words

Conor Cawley: 5 Beverages For High Altitude Drinking

If you find yourself in a high-altitude location like Colorado, you probably hope to take in the beautiful views and rolling hills with an adult beverage. 424 more words


Quito took my breath away

There was a strong police presence around Quito to deter thieves from stealing from tourists. I wandered streets with ease until I came to a hill where I literally lost my breath. 95 more words