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"Look At Me" - A "Novel" Using Low Standards to an Author's Advantage

From Look At Me by Jason Sperling

Jason Sperling’s Instagram “novel,” Look At Me, is undoubtedly testing the boundaries of what literature truly is, as well as the capacity that new mediums (like Instagram) have to tell in-depth stories. 803 more words

Hito S.

Beautiful German of the week.

Because somebody has to admire them.

High Art

And He Joined Forces With Bigfoot

Adolf Hitler ‘Escaped Germany And Fled To Colombia’ Claims Report In Declassified CIA Document

And he joined forces with Bigfoot, like I said, and got help from the Reptilians, too, to conspire to assaisnate JFK. 46 more words


Things I Would Have Written in My One-Sentence Journal if I Was Still Keeping Up With That

Knee-deep one-liners from my life:

  • Most of being an adult is just sitting on different types of transportation.
  • You can’t have shade without light.
  • I like my guys like I like my fries: on occasion.
  • 72 more words

What Does NSA Stand For?

For Narcissistic Street Art, of course.

Teufelsberg, meaning “devil’s mountain,” is actually the name of the man-made hill on which the Field Station sits. The site was chosen for its height rather than its obscure location, but the fact that it’s situated slap-bang in the middle of the Grunewald forest, requiring at least 30 minutes of uphill hiking to reach it from an S-Bahn train, does enhance the sense that it’s shrouded in mystery… 36 more words


Ignored Warnings from The Previous Occupier Class

“the realtors, chamber of commerce and main street programs is us!”



"Fantasy": A Useless Label

I had an interesting discussion with a friend today, and I figured I’d share the basic point of it.

Basically, I have a bugbear when people act like all the things we call “fantasy” are directly comparable. 782 more words