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Trump to be presidentĀ 

In the blink of an eye. I’m really drawing a blank on what to expect. The senate hearings of his education secretary, joe sessions, and all others lacking in melanin has been harrowing. 271 more words


Time For More Yummy Berlin Fashion!

At Berlin Fashion Week!

And they’re finally bringing out a collection for the rest of us. It’s called “Alien Nation” and I couldn’t feel more alienated if I tried. 55 more words



The new Elbphilharmonie!!

Instead of costing the planned 77 million euros it ended up costing Hamburg 800 million instead!!!

Breathtaking or something. Enjoy your status while you can, Hamburg. 45 more words


location: HMART

Shot and edited by: Kendall Castaneda

Instagram: kp_casta


German Moon Mission A Hoax

A German Lunar X-Prize team’s announcement that it plans to send two mobile probes to the Moon to inspect the lunar rover left behind by the Apollo 17 mission has been exposed as a hoax because everybody knows that these Apollo moon landings never took place in the first place. 89 more words



So nice to simply move across some invisible line and instantly be free of criminality.

The first time I smelledĀ the puff of a magic dragon… 233 more words

Daily Journal

Germans Now Allowed To Watch So-Called "Music Videos"

Damn. The down side here is that this is finally going to let South Sudan pass Germany by. When it comes to blocking online music videos, I mean. 84 more words