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What Germans Do In Their Free Time?

One popular thing these days is stockpiling food.

Arming themselves is another favorite pastime at the moment, too.

Losing confidence in the future is also big. 116 more words


173 Stations

And 166 of them are ugly as sin. That’s Berlin’s subway system for you, folks.

But, hey. Beauty is in the eye of the Schwarzfahrer… 82 more words


Headless International Superstar?

Like duh. What’s the big deal? Aren’t they all?

The pop singer loved looking at her headless body.

Rihanna jokes her boobs are ‘biggest they’ll ever be’ on trip to Berlin to see giant statue of herself in a bikini.


German Of The Day: Butt and Fuchs

Butt is a short form for halibut (although in this case it’s just somebody’s name). Fuchs means fox. Not like anybody cares here.

Linus Butt and Florian Fuchs were part of a German team that destroyed their Canadian opponents 6-2 in a group stage fixture on Saturday in Rio de Janeiro. 50 more words


Girls Just Want To Have Fun

“I always knew that German tourists were a laugh a minute but this number here nearly KILLED me!”

Five young German women were arrested after a… 107 more words


Money For Nothing

But no chicks for free.

Speaking of debt… Here’s the state of the state today, folks. If you’re not one of us, if you’re the German government, for example, you can actually make money with your debt. 82 more words


Was This The Same Lady Who Threw Away Somebody Else's "Installation" At Another Museum A Few Years Back?

An elderly German woman was questioned by police after filling in blank spaces on a crossword puzzle that was being displayed as a work of art at a local museum. 54 more words