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Meryl Streep Wants More Inclusion

As Berlin Film Festival Jury head, that is. In industry and politics, I mean. And the Berlinale is just the place to, uh, want that kind of thing, or something. 135 more words


The Freak Show Must Go On

Runway? No way. Me prefer run away instead.

At the Berliner Mode Salon, a sub-event at Berlin Fashion Week , established and young German designers are putting their best face, and designs, forward. 92 more words


Once A Heroes, Always A Heroes

Berlin trauert um seinen früheren Mitbewohner David Bowie: Die Jahre 1976 bis 1978 verbrachte der am Sonntag überraschend verstorbene Brite in West-Berlin. Es wurde für ihn zum Zufluchtsort.


In Defense of Star Wars (And just a little bit, commercialism.)

Way back in 2011 I wrote a piece on the intersection of art and commercialism that’s been a steady workhorse for me over the years, driving traffic to my blog, never in large numbers at a time, but a little here and a little there, and adding up to quite a bit. 1,370 more words

Arts And Education

Speaking Of Explosions...

Germans typically turn their country into a war zone on New Year’s Eve, blowing the begeezus out of every small to medium-large object they can get their fingers on (fingers included) with big honking fireworks for hours and hours and hours on end. 125 more words


Now That Christmas Is Over...

We can calmly address this story and all be thankful for not having been subjected to this diabolical madness first hand. It would have been too horrible to contemplate before Christmas Day. 69 more words


Artistic Integrity

…is bullshit. There’s a related quote I run into frequently that bugs me when I see it. It’s from Cyril Connolly, who was apparently an ‘intellectual’ (does that mean… 354 more words

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