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High Art (Shudder to Think)

High Art was writer-director Lisa Cholodenko’s debut feature after a number of smaller shorts and TV projects. A protege of Miloš Forman, Cholodenko created a film that was a steamy dramatic look into the world of high art photography and the complex relationship between two lensers played by 80s icon Ally Sheedy and up-and-comer Radha Mitchell. 698 more words

Capsule Review

German Solar Energy To Be Turned Off Tomorrow

It’s hard to say how long the grid will be down, though.

So what’s the big deal, exactly? The sun goes down every night, of course, and Germany is quite accustomed to cloudy days. 94 more words


The point of writing is to write less

The goal of good writing, I believe, is writing as little as necessary.

Good writing isn’t long, detailed, monologues of grand ideas wrapped in little gift boxes of pre-screened words carefully tied together with phrases sculpted by a surgeon’s fingers. 122 more words


"Rolling Papers" and the Juxtapoz "High Art" Contest!

So this contest is very different as it didn’t involve creating a poster or t-shirt design. Instead, Juxtapoz magazine has challenged artists to create artwork for… 404 more words


Spare The Cane And Spoil The Child

I mean the German tourist. Huh? What do you mean punishment, officer? All we did was break into a train depot and spray graffiti on some trains. 57 more words


Mass Numbers Of Germans Flee Country

And then return again. Several times a year even. They call it Tourismus (tourism).

That’s right, when not moaning about capitalism and democracy itself, Germans like to spend their ample free time breaking new records in the World Travel Champions category. 62 more words


The Original

Hinweis (please note): This post will not be addressing anything German today. Although…

I don’t know, man. Maybe it’s my age or something but this character here is just too real for me. 76 more words

Hurt Feelings