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High Art (1998)


for some reason this soundtrack always reminds me of Chinatown. each time I listen to it a thousand things will rush to mind. visions, sensations, memories… it’s like a portal to 1990s New York


Jim Carey Finds The Essence du Trump.. And Baby Sister Cuts Right To The Truth

I love that Jim Carey is channeling his observational comedy into High Art….

Now, on to a childs observation…. little sister saw a glimpse of the above picture(no, she didn’t see the picture below) and she could tell by the way i was laughing, there was something to see. 69 more words

Geo-politics, Socio-economics

High art, low energy – Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center, Greece

A key to meeting the sustainability objectives was to make the building as close as possible to carbon neutral. This meant a combination of designing the building and its systems to use as little energy as possible, and harnessing renewables to provide a substantial part of that energy. 982 more words


And The Message From 1886 Read...

“Is Merkel still chancellor?”

Message in a bottle tossed into the ocean in 1886 discovered on remote Australia beach.

“Incredibly, an archival search in Germany found Paula’s original meteorological journal and there was an entry for June 12 1886 made by the captain, recording a drift bottle having been thrown overboard. 56 more words


Dance Debate: 3 Reasons Why Grooving Is A Technique

About a month ago a dance acquaintance of mine posted on Facebook, “Grooving is suppose to be natural, it’s not a technique. Listen to the music.” When she posted it, I don’t believe she thought it would ignite a significant debate amongst dance practitioners, but that is exactly what it did. 940 more words


Somalia Now Finally At Peace

So it’s time for the German Bundeswehr troops stationed there to leave. All five (5) of them.

They couldn’t have done it without you five guy, guys. 65 more words