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Why do liberals love eating donuts so much?

Buy this ebook and find out.

The Little Red Book: Of Little-Read Jokes about the Enlightened Left for only 99 cents? No way. Or way? 10 more words

High Art

German Of The Day: Stinkefinger

That means stinky finger. You know, as in the finger?

SPD boss Sigmar Gabriel recently got some Sommerloch good press by doing what is generally considered to be a bad thing. 84 more words


What Germans Do In Their Free Time?

One popular thing these days is stockpiling food.

Arming themselves is another favorite pastime at the moment, too.

Losing confidence in the future is also big. 116 more words


173 Stations

And 166 of them are ugly as sin. That’s Berlin’s subway system for you, folks.

But, hey. Beauty is in the eye of the Schwarzfahrer… 82 more words


Headless International Superstar?

Like duh. What’s the big deal? Aren’t they all?

The pop singer loved looking at her headless body.

Rihanna jokes her boobs are ‘biggest they’ll ever be’ on trip to Berlin to see giant statue of herself in a bikini.