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Queen Sighting In Berlin Sort Of

And the S-Bahn was only twenty minutes late in her honor.

Im Bentley ist doch öde. Hier reist die Queen mit der S-Bahn an.


Robot Opera Singer Premieres In Berlin

Like duh. Where else would a robot opera singer premiere at?


Haiku Dingue

a work of fine art
‘ceci n’est pas une pipe’, huh?
it’s goddamn perfect

complimentary haiku tunes

Chasing Parked Cars

Things to stare at while high....Yeah man..

Smoke one or two .. and enjoy the juxtaposition of what’s real and what’s not… negative space vs. everything else… Are you high.. because in reality this shit ain’t moving ..LOL.. 14 more words


The Residents: Stars & Hank Forever

The Residents. Creators of alien, extra dimensional pop music. I adore The Residents. The Residents taught me the true meaning of the word Album. Their music is the highest example of pure sound music production I have found in this art form. 138 more words


Bavarian Codebreaker Needed

Not everybody can speak this lingo. I assume it has something to do with the G7 demonstration festivities going on in Elmau, Germany right now but I can’t say for sure. 50 more words