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German Sommerloch Update: Two New Mysterious Extraterrestrial Phenomena Found Near Berlin

No, not in Friedrichshain. NEAR Berlin. In a place called Großziethen. The Germans in this area call these phenomena “Kornkreise” and they appear to be designs or patterns laid down gently in a growing crop, leaving the surrounding crop untouched. 68 more words


English Of The Day: Fancy

Flula: “I tried to eat items. You know, food? And I was in a restaurant to eat some food. But the salad that I did like it was having like a weird thing. 38 more words


Madrid's traditional art scene goes high fashion

An article I did for Spanish newspaper The Local, published online, here.

To read more from The Local Spain click here

Madrid’s museums are moving away from the traditional to embrace new artistic forms and the latest brings a touch of haute couture to the capital’s celebrated art scene. 439 more words


First Sommerloch Monster Sighting Already Over

They don’t usually catch them, this time of year. But they had this guy in the bag in no time.

Kangaroos in Brandenburg? Why not, they’re in… 48 more words


And Speaking Of Dogs On The Beaches...

They’re also allowed in museums here. Well, in this one here in Berlin they are. For a limited time only.

It’s only right once you consider the name of the exhibition: „ 17 more words


Is This A Polar Bear Panda-emic?

I’m not koala-fied to say.

But I think I’ll have a kodiak arrest if I have to look at anymore photos of Germans posing with polar bears. 20 more words