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"Fantasy": A Useless Label

I had an interesting discussion with a friend today, and I figured I’d share the basic point of it.

Basically, I have a bugbear when people act like all the things we call “fantasy” are directly comparable. 782 more words


Speaking Of German Efficiency...

Sure, border control authorities losing 48 of the 51 illegal migrants (undocumented migrants?) they placed in their detention facilty is certainly a tough act to follow… 193 more words


German Of The Day: PARTEI

PARTEI officially stands for “Partei für Arbeit, Rechtsstaat, Tierschutz, Elitenförderung und basisdemokratische Initiative,” or “Work, Rule of Law, Animal Protection, Elite Promotion, and grass-roots democratic Initiative.” 159 more words


Germany Wants Code Of Ethics For Driverless Cars?

Why? What a complete waste of time and money. Driverless cars could only be more ethical than the ones with drivers in them. At least here they would be. 178 more words


These Aren't Just Shows, They're Experiences!!

“It’s not TV. It’s HBO”

Quality, complex, premium and influential are just a few words to describe HBO. HBO has become so well-known for its quality adult programming. 131 more words

uhhhh.... time for comedy?

idk even know how i got here- but it made me laugh. so :

ur welcome


It's Thursday and Our Hero Tries Something New - He Goes to Sleep *Then* Writes a Haiku

hrmmmmm *snorrt* huh wha? no I’m just…


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