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German Rents Keep Rising

You have to shell out $85 a week at Rent-a-Huhn just for five lousy chickens, for instance.

Bee-Rent will set you back nearly $200 a month for your bee box. 60 more words


UFO Crash Site Secured In Germany

I mean UFO as in Unimpeded Falling Object, by the way.

And first reports indicate that these eerie, extraterrestrial vehicles appear to be American made. I got your Area 51 for you right here, pal. 22 more words


The Group of Seven: A Unique Perspective

Frank Johnston: “Untitled”
I feel too cold and I can hear the sound dropping snow off sometimes. But in the darkness, there is a streak of sunlight. 398 more words


The Group of Seven: A Spiritual Experience

Frank Johnston – Untitled

After jogging at dawn, I’m sitting on the hill to take a break. I can just hear my breathing and the sound of water drops. 333 more words


The Group of Seven as a Sensory Experience

Frank Johnson (untitled)

In this painting, I could feel the freezing cold in my hands, I’m almost losing the feeling in them. However, I keep touching the snow because it’s really soft. 483 more words


The Group of Seven:Beauty is in the Mind of the Beholder

Frank Johnston, “Untitled”:

This painting makes me feel as if I were a child on a winter day, on which classes were cancelled because of the snow. 548 more words


A Secret German Laboratory?

An “underground” research facility run by an elite staff of sinister scientist specialist types? Right here in the heart of Berlin?

Damn. Sounds pretty creepy to me. 104 more words