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Was This The Same Lady Who Threw Away Somebody Else's "Installation" At Another Museum A Few Years Back?

An elderly German woman was questioned by police after filling in blank spaces on a crossword puzzle that was being displayed as a work of art at a local museum. 54 more words


Pokémon Go Away

Pah-lease. And don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

Pokémon Go has officially arrived in Germany, and that means you’re going to be on the hunt for at least the next few days/months. 80 more words


Germans Pulling For France In Tonight's Semi-Final

That’s tonight’s France versus Germany match, folks.

“Of course there is more at stake than football. France is feeling its economic weakness and it must look on enviously as the whole of Europe becomes more German.” 163 more words


German Of The Day: Sprengstoffweste

That means explosive vest. You know, the kind your run-of-the-mill German industrial metal pyrotechnical hard rock bands use these days?

Damn. This gives pop culture a whole new meaning. 44 more words


Remark on elitism

As someone with elitist tendencies (if such a mild word as ‘tendencies’ is not a self-flattering understatement), it is always useful to be reminded of the instability of elitism. 128 more words


My Jargon. Your Ears.

In spite of blogging daily I don’t run out of content. I might run out of  meaningful or art related content but I’m not opposed to that; instead I wonder how it affects my audience. 538 more words


I Can Smell The Coal In The Air Now

And hear the MiGs booming through the sound barrier high overhead. And see the Allied tanks rolling down Kaiserdamm.

The good old days? Not really. But kind of, I dunno, predictable? 80 more words