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Fruit High 

Me: Are you ready?
Middle Child: Yes! What finger are you stabbing today?!


MC: 213. Is that high?

Me: A little bit.

MC: Did you have fruit before you picked us up? 64 more words

Life Of A Nanny

High Thoughts 

When someone sees a high blood sugar, they often jump to the long term consequences of diabetes and say things like, “your eyes!” “Your kidneys!” “Your feet!” … 318 more words


Jokingly, In A Sense

Joking about diabetes is commonplace. I hear it all the time- “I’m gonna get diabetes from eating this.” While not uproariously funny, it often sparks a smirk. 663 more words

Dreaming on High

Nightmares. Ones I haven’t had in years, ones that wake me up and yet I still feel terrified, and can’t determine how much of it was real. 599 more words