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The First Gallery Christmas Show 2017

This morning we visited Margery and Paul at their home in Bitterne. We had been unable to attend the gallery’s Christmas show, so were pleased to enjoy some of the items awaiting collection. 114 more words

High chair

This stool features a piece of wisteria in a loop-de-loop shape under the seat–it grew around a loose paling on the back fence of my local electrician, one John Cafe, whom some of you will remember–he came to live in Bega some 35 years ago and is still the same likeably-gruff, sincere guy with the dry sense of humour.

Review: Kursi Makan Kesukaan, Joie 6in1

Sejak aku dan suami mulai seru hunting perlengkapan MPASI Umar, kami dari awal sepakat memilih kursi makan yang bisa memiliki dua fungsi utama yang menurut kami penting, yaitu bisa berfungsi sebagai… 483 more words

Baby Umar

Play Fetch

“Fetch me these toys so I may toss them aside once more!”

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Baby Tools Yang Berguna Untuk Full Time Moms

Sebagai full time mom tanpa nanny, kita butuh bala bantuan. Terlebih saat kita ingin beberes tapi ga ada yang bisa ngawasin si kecil. Nah, ini ada beberapa baby tools yang menurut saya sangat membantu. 313 more words


Round 3: Tied

Here is the picture of Grandma’s birthday present as promised. My attempt was to have her hands overlap on the fingers and have it look like a heart, we did the best that we could. 493 more words

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