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Sublime: Perfect. Without Blemish 🌸

After exiting the Arctic , where we lived for three years, give or take, I applied for a job from an ad in the Globe & Mail Newspaper… 1,016 more words

Settling Down


they know me as

a west coast girl

with dyed hair,

a thin frame,

and a penchant for sushi.

i shop at whole foods,

and sprouts, 92 more words

The Capital of Junkies – Part l

The other day a study was published that focused mainly on the high level of consumption of drugs in the capital. It mentioned the notorious EU official report some years back which exposed the waters in London as having the highest level of traces of drugs consumption in the whole of Europe. 166 more words


Why Mercedes Is Axing The SLC

By Ezekiel Gacee

2017 has been a year of surprises to many auto users. In recent news, Mercedes will be axing SLC series from its range of convertible cars. 428 more words


Suit strutting, frazzled white-haired, brandy sipping at social events but still trying to coyly fuck barely legal girls in the bathroom when no-one else is looking. 42 more words


Relationships Out Of Your Class

The real world isn’t a movie, Beautiful Woman- 50 Shades of Gray- Jasmine and Aladdin or even Sex and the City where Miranda married down. 1,391 more words


Easy DIY Lamp Makeover

I have had an itch for a good old DIY project for a while now. About 6 months ago, I found these old lamp bases at the DI that I thought could totally do the trick. 663 more words