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Second High Day recap: Spring Equinox

The sky was too cloudy to see the Solar Eclipse, but as the day brightened up later it started to feel like Spring at last, as I celebrated the Equinox with a small Druid ritual. 423 more words


Second High Day: Spring Equinox

The Spring Equinox occurs around 20/21 March and marks the point when day and night are of equal length. The word equinox comes from the Latin for “equal night”. 406 more words


First High Day Recap: Imbolc

For Imbolc, I did a ritual at my home shrine. I set up an ADF “triple Hallows” of fire, well and tree (a rather sad-looking ficus that needs re-potting…I hope to replace with a hardy Chinese elm soon), and added extra candles for light and for my main “working” part of the rite. 299 more words


ADF Homework: High Day Essays

Section 2: High Day Essay – Imbolc

Imbolc is also called Saint Brigid’s Day by the Irish. As Saint Brigid’s day, this holiday specifically pays homage to the Irish goddess Brigid, who has been associated with Fire, Healing, Poetry, Smithcraft, Creativity, and Fertility, as well as being considered a Warrior Goddess. 279 more words


First High Day: Imbolc

With the first stirrings of Spring in the Northern hemisphere, we celebrate the festival of Imbolc, one of the eight High Days celebrated by ADF. Usually held around 1-2 February, it occurs midway between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. 393 more words


On Lughnasadh

Also called Calan Elfed, this festival marks the beginning of the harvests, the first of the three harvest festivals. In some parts of the world, like the UK, autumn may indeed start to be felt. 211 more words


Liturgy Practicum, Week of July 28, 2014

Lammas week! Hooray! This is one of my favorite high days, so I’m excited to have celebrated it, both with my study group and on my own, as part of my home-based practice requirements. 332 more words

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