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A Poem for Beltane

Well, I’m a day late and a dollar short (four days, really, and let’s not get into the money), but here’s a poem I composed for Beltane. 187 more words

High Days

To Answer a Call

It’s easy to follow the wave of emotion in a crowd. When I’m on a protest march, with the energy all stirred up by the hundreds or thousands of people speaking in one voice with me, then it’s easy to take a stand. 693 more words


October: Chaos

I get the call at 5pm. Merlin needs to be put to sleep, tonight. I look at my watch and know I will not get there in time. 561 more words


Brigid of the Fire

We’re living in a slightly problematic flat at the moment. (Fortunately we’re also moving soon.) The light in the hallway blew a couple of weeks ago, for about the fourth time since we moved in – we’ve given up replacing the bulb now. 790 more words


Z is for... Messing With Zeitgeibers

Zeitgeiber: any external or environmental cue that entrains, or synchronizes, an organism’s biological rhythms to the earth’s 24-hour light/dark cycle and 12 month cycle…
– Wikipedia… 629 more words


V is for... Vision

1. the faculty or state of being able to see.
2. the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom. 555 more words


Samhain Reflections

Leonard Moss L- J-
Edith Valerie L-
Sean Joseph H-
Margaret H-
Hannah H-
Dennis (Denny) John Michael H-
Neil (Neily) H-
Patrick (Paddy) O’ S- 379 more words