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Final preparations and offerings

Everything has been cleaned and incensed to within an inch of its life. Old things have been discarded to make room for the new. A simple Kemetic High Day rite was done, just because I felt I needed to do… 159 more words

February High Day Planning

It’s not like this High Day has taken me by surprise. But, well. I am still Kemetic, and Wep Ronpet is coming up on Feb 1, so I’ve sort of been concentrating on that because Wep Ronpet! 752 more words

Shedety Scriptorium Update

Well, I’ve varnished, and photographed, and written words, and while I still have a few photos I need to retake because I am great at blurry!, I’m just about ready to begin throwing new listings up over at Etsy. 383 more words

Christmas Where It Snows

This year we took Christmas north.  I think it was the new van.

We got this.

Grandma Sandy had everything ready for us.  We just showed up. 377 more words

Otto Thanksgiving

Grammy is sharing us for Christmas so she only had one shot at fun.  And did she.  Even the snow showed up for the party.

Advent 2015

I started planning for Advent on November 30th.  I scribbled down some notes on a piece of scrap paper.  And then I started to wing it.   296 more words

What The Halloween Candy Did To Us

I’ve spent the weekend laying in bed watching period dramas in a sea of Kleenexes.  And not because I’m crying.  It’s just snot.  But that’s all right, I’ll soon be better.   160 more words