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Advent Day 24

Sledding in the desert!Then home for hot chocolate and decoupage with Daddy. We made a few more gifts for their friends at church. 

And then carted them off to Christmas Eve service.  45 more words

High Days

Advent Day 22

Because I wanted to sweep up perler beads all day.

I thought this was funny, and then I opened it up. Perler poop confetti. They say you find them everywhere. 25 more words

High Days

Advent Day 10

In the past, I’ve skipped Advent on days when we had exciting stuff planned already.  I have learned that this doesn’t cut it.

So this year I have a few extra things up my sleeve for when we won’t have time to make extra messes. 45 more words

Advent Day 8

While yard saling this summer I picked up some fun contact paper and stowed it away for Advent.My thought was that we could cut out window decals with it. 30 more words

High Days

Advent Day 7

Since my house was already messy, I decided to jump in with both feet and break out the nail polish. Buckets of it. I had just poured the first batch when the door swung open and the neighbor girls bounced in. 101 more words

High Days


We had all the Ottos together this last weekend at our house, all in one bunch.  It was kinda bunchy.

Or maybe it was just right. 122 more words

High Days