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PNW ISA Tree Climbing Championship

Yes!  It was as exciting as it sounds.  It only comes to Boise every 8 years, so Daddy Boy felt obliged to compete.  But now that he has, he wants to do it every year.   234 more words

The last High Day omg 8D

Of course it’s been two months since I last wrote in here. Of course it has. I’ve been a bit slack on my DP work of late, I’ve had some work with Hekate to do that’s taken over my life for the past month. 786 more words


After driving solo 300 miles with seven kids in a van stuffed with 16 duffel bags, two suitcases, a mid-century desk, chair, three golf bags, a cat, six blankets, three pillows, a bazillion water bottles, a Kitchen Aid stand mixer, the remains of a box of donuts, a set of 16 orange vintage drinking glasses, seven wet sandy swimsuits, and a Polish rooster.


High Days

Week 10: Seond High Day Recap

For this solitary Summer Solstice ritual, I based my work off of the Solitary Druid Fellowship work of Teo Bishop (no longer active) which can be found… 1,066 more words

High Days

Week 09: The Second High Holy Day: An Explanation

While I’m sure my research is far from complete, I have not been able to track down a good Proto-Indo-European equivalent for the Summer Solstice/Litha. That being said, there are plenty of cognate cultures with celebrations around this time of year, and a few Deities that really fit in with the energy and meaning we’ve come to know about this time of year. 317 more words

High Days

Gideon Turns 12

It was the perfect day for a picnic in the park.

My handsome boy turned 12.  And grew about ten inches.

A long time ago I made the move to streamline birthdays.   340 more words