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What The Halloween Candy Did To Us

I’ve spent the weekend laying in bed watching period dramas in a sea of Kleenexes.  And not because I’m crying.  It’s just snot.  But that’s all right, I’ll soon be better.   160 more words


Into the Woods - Druid Documentary

This documentary covers a group of druids living in England and how they celebrate the seasons. It was a great watch. Check it out!

Eight times a year, a diverse group of people heads into the woods of the Chiltern hills in England to celebrate the seasons and the beauty of nature with their own brand of druidic ritual and music. This documentary goes with them.


Judith Turns Three

On her Daddy Date at U-Swirl.

Because that’s what every little girl needs the day after Halloween.  That evening she went to a friend’s birthday as well, and ate more cake and ice cream. 101 more words

Juvey Judy


The pumpkin carving ritual seems to get a littler harder/messier every year.

But I expect that trend to drastically plummet as they begin to take matters into their own hands. 160 more words


Archaeoastronomy's Equinox, Solstice & Cross-Quarter Time Table

For those of you who are concerned about celebrating what is left of this year’s holidays as well and the years to come, Archaeoastronomy.com has an excellent chart for each year showing when the seasonal changes and equinoxes are and will be. 227 more words


October High Day Omen and Notes

Copying this into its own separate post for reference. I’m interested in having them separated out like this so I can look back over them and just focus on them, rather than read through the entire write-ups for it. 1,404 more words

High Days and NaNoWriMo


I have nfi why it took me this long to connect this time of year with National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), which I have done every year since 2006. 756 more words