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Ostara 2015 Review

My Ostara ritual was a simple affair, conducted alone at about 11 am on the morning of the 21st in front of my wife’s Brigid shrine (my ADF altar not yet being established) in our apartment. 1,295 more words


Ostara Ritual 2015

I’ll admit I was sorely tempted to simply use a canned ADF ritual, partly because the week was a busy one and I was not able to write as much in advance of the occasion as I’d hoped, and partly because it seemed best to work with some tried and true wording before attempting the spirit of an ADF rite on my own. 1,471 more words


Reflections on Ostara

It is almost Ostara. I know this because, on Tuesday, the only thing my coworkers wanted to talk about was which of us would go out on our break to get everyone shamrock shakes. 523 more words


To Answer a Call

It’s easy to follow the wave of emotion in a crowd. When I’m on a protest march, with the energy all stirred up by the hundreds or thousands of people speaking in one voice with me, then it’s easy to take a stand. 693 more words


Happy Valentines Day!

Now who died?

Actually, no small child stuck their hand in the blender.  It’s just red food coloring.  Judith dumped out a whole bottle of it out and said, “Think fast.”  I waived all expletives on account of time restraints and snatched the laptop for a quick wipe down.   428 more words

High Days

We Interrupt This Program

To bring you this brief announcement.  I am alive, I am still here.

I’ve had Thanksgiving house guests, Christmas house guests, New Years house guests, survived the attendant holidays, slept a total of ten days on the couch, closed on our house, am waiting on pins and needles to hear about my “new” house, and am currently sloshing about in a mess up to my knees.   86 more words

High Days

Happy Solstice!

I shouldn’t feel like Solstice crept up on me, because I knew last week I needed to prepare, and I did fuck all, because I am clever, and did everything at the last minute like I normally do. 1,150 more words