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Creating a Personal Practice

Often times, when you approach polytheistic religions as a reconstructionist, you get stuck with a veritable desert’s worth of information. If you’re incredibly lucky, someone has not only already done the research, but has taken the time to meticulously cites sources. 705 more words


Solar Eclipse Block Party

I’m starting to think that the people who live at the end of dead end streets kind of belong there.

And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 40 more words

High Days


Some friends took us out after church in their boat.  The children were delighted.

Daddy even sacrificed himself and got wet.  I’m not sure I’ve ever seen him wet. 28 more words

Race Day

And they’re off!

Jael, 11:36.

Rahab, 15:31.

Gideon, 7:26.

Jehu, 8:19.

We keep doing this every year, they must like it.  The free snacks I assume, not the suffering. 32 more words

Yard Sale Birthday

Jael had the good fortune of having her birthday a week after basket case baby was born.  I say “good,” because every one felt sorry for her and overcompensated accordingly.   160 more words

Easter 2017

We took the baby to Jerome for Easter.  We set his IV pole up in the van and pump fed him en route on the freeway.   123 more words

Valentine's Day

If you’re wondering where I’ve been, think straight up coma.  For two weeks.  Back to back doses of the flu, on top of being 8 months pregnant, and it kind of wipes you out.   128 more words