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A blessed High Day to you all!

Whether you’re gearing up for Beltaine or Samhain, or for no festival at all, I hope May brings you good tidings and blessings and not!terrible things. 283 more words

High Day Essay #1 - Spring Equinox

Blessings! On March 20th I went to my first High Day ritual in years. It made me soooo happy. Hooray for finally living in a city with other druids and pagans who do things, and hooray for my health and schedule aligning properly to go to one. 534 more words

A Smattering 

Sunday we had friends over for lunch.  It’s funny, after church someone asked me what we were doing.  I said, “We’re having…some people…over for lunch.  I can’t remember their names.”  He laughed at me.   284 more words

Juvey Judy

Menu Monday

I’m sitting here planning my meal plan for this week and I’m feeling utterly uninspired.  Sometimes it helps to see what I’ve made in the past and I realized I hadn’t posted menus for a while.   251 more words

March Equinox Ritual Notes

I am writing this up later than I had planned, so some details are sketchy af, and I can’t find the place where I wrote up some notes (I swear, I did a post-ritual write up. 1,382 more words

May High Day essay notes

Early Notes Are Early Because They Were There To Be Answered. And at least I can cross these off as done so when I get around to doing the ritual, I can just concentrate on writing it up, because I will be in full-on Mysteries of Wesir mode, and there will be no brain for High Day essays, so. 564 more words

March Equinox essay notes

I know, I am way behind on these, but I have done this, and the one for May, and I’ve belatedly written up my Equinox ritual, so. 487 more words