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Monumental Moments in History: The High Five

The first high-five was quite a historical event. It was documented by Slapvinius Clapicus, a Roman historian, during the 3rd Century B.C.

“And when the day was won, General Batti-il Cinque turned to his captain and said, ‘Lo, we are victorious! 220 more words


DeMarcus Cousins brutally rejected Kosta Koufos' offer of a high five

Kosta Koufos joined a long line of professional athletes to have a high five problem caught on camera on Thursday. He went to high five teammate DeMarcus Cousins, who promptly ignored him. 31 more words


The 'Ultimate Movie High Fives Supercut' Overflows With Slap-Happy Nostalgia

Connoisseurs of hot sweaty hand-on-hand action have a freshly crafted supercut to bro out over. Ladies and gentlemen, put it up high for the “Ultimate Movie High Fives Supercut.” 180 more words


Sephora Bright Future Gel Serum Concealer

I’ve never been one to fuss about incorporating concealer into my makeup routine. I do own a few which I primarily use on any spots I feel like covering up. 708 more words


Try FREE Pilates with High Fives

Join in for a FREE Pilates taster session to stretch & strengthen and improve your posture and wellbeing with Sue who is CYQ qualified and trained with Modern Pilates. 55 more words

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High Fives to Work and Back

It’s about a 5 mile ride into work every day from my house: a perfect little 20-minute warm-up for the morning. On the way into work, the wind is usually more-or-less at my back (although this week it seems to be coming in from the north, putting it squarely on my left shoulder as I ride in) and if I do it right, I can avoid getting totally poured down rain on (sometimes). 167 more words

Marshall Islands

Everyone Should Get At Least One

“Susan, there’s a limit of two visitors per patient.”

I didn’t know that. I’m so naïve sometimes. I thought whoever could fit into the pre-op bay was okay as long as I was doing my job and getting the patient ready. 586 more words