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Hive-Fives for Borderline Personality Disorder!

I know you’re thinking, what the hell, high-fives for a mental illness? But I can not make this stuff up. I just recently started a new job, in retail (again) and it seems to be going much, MUCH better than the last retail job where I felt like I was back in HS with cranky teachers who had been teaching for one year too long. 568 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

High Fives And The Big Comeback With Roy Tuscany [The Powell Movement]

Roy Tuscany was that cocky, aspiring pro skier that I’m sure everyone knew at one point.  He had his life together, graduated from college and moved out west to pursue his ski dreams. 80 more words


MUST WATCH: Top Snow Athletes Create Comprehensive 30 Minute Safety Video That Could Save Your Life

***Please share this with everyone. This could save a life.

The film is called B.A.S.I.C.S. which stands for (BEING AWARE SAFE IN CRITICAL SITUATIONS) and covers why snow safety and awareness is, and should be, a priority for all who wish to engage in mountain action sports. 62 more words


Safety Tribute ~ The Relic

I’ll lead with the shotgun. Bailey, you stay at the back. The rest are single file. It’s going to be dark. We go slow, we go quiet, and we stick together!

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Have Safety Will Travel

DJ LiTEBRiTE at High Fives | Dallas, TX | 8.26.17

A breezy, cool August night headlined by the historic Mayweather/McGreggor fight did not disappoint as I made my DJ debut at a popular North Dallas Bar. 115 more words


11 Months Old!

The babies handled all of their travels fairly well! It is a lot to ask 11 month olds to travel for 2 weeks from hotel to hotel and activity to activity and then travel 19+ hours home and switch to a time zone 4 hours different. 147 more words

High Fives-Camp Edition

1. I had so much fun at my home church’s high school camp this week! We went to Camp WOW in Stuart, OK and I got home yesterday. 437 more words

High Fives