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The Putinist Economic Miracle

As Inflation Soars, One in Five Russians Can Only Afford Bare Necessities
Delphine d’Amora
May 14, 2015
The Moscow Times

Many Russians flocked to stores late last year as the ruble plummeted against the euro and dollar, eager to get the most out of their savings before the prices of imported goods rose. 414 more words


Brazil: In a quagmire - Latin America’s erstwhile star is in its worst mess since the early 1990s

Economist: CAMPAIGNING for a second term as Brazil’s president in an election last October, Dilma Rousseff painted a rosy picture of the world’s seventh-biggest economy. Full employment, rising wages and social benefits were threatened only by the nefarious neoliberal plans of her opponents, she claimed. 109 more words


A Special Say-Regarding The Local Newspaper Today (500)

Generation after generation-
We read our local newspaper,
whether it be good financial
times, or times touched by
high inflation.


Government reports, "There is no inflation" - Meanwhile, CNBC reports Inflation "aids $15B in Food Fraud"

File this under NTSHMA (nothing to see here move along).

In the longest recession in history, so long that we are actually approaching the next cyclical business cycle recession, the Government and The Federal Reserve… 360 more words


Hotels and restaurants fleecing people in Hyderabad


Hotels and restaurants fleecing people in Hyderabad

A visit to the restaurants in hyderabad will reveal that these eateries are taking customers for a ride. Customers have to fish out much more than was anticipated, based on the price list in the menu. 993 more words

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Even After All The QE, The Money Supply Is Still Shrunken

Here are the broadest measures of the US money supply, M3 and M4 as estimated by the Center for Fiscal Stability:

With the total money supply still at an absolute level lower than its 2008 peak, it is obvious that the Federal Reserve in tripling the monetary base — an expansion by  237 more words

Wall Street


“Is 2012 turning out to be another 1980? After seeing and hearing the Democrats at their convention in Charlotte, it’s almost becoming eerie at this point. 61 more words