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Having talent versus developing it

Talented people display innate ability, often from an early age, for an activity or academic subject that most others struggle with. Through years of cello teaching, I noticed these students because they could do certain things much more easily than their peers. 118 more words

Gifted Children

What was holding Writer B back?

Writer B’s desire for fun in his writing was entirely legitimate, I felt. Fun was my own primary motivation for both cello playing and writing—my lifelong passions. 273 more words

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Writer B: A case of writer's block?

The years rolled on; Writer B typed his notes; researched the historical setting of his novel; and sometimes—not often—filled in little written patches of the whole picture. 224 more words

Creative Children

Writer B’s lightning bolts of inspiration: hindrance or help?

As my conversations with Writer B progressed, I began to see how his lightning bolts of inspiration could hinder as well as help him. His few poems and stories were almost all little gems, and I was happy for him that he could apparently pluck excellent work out of the air. 229 more words

Gifted Children And Creativity

Writer B and his flashes of brilliance

Writer B was a dedicated hobby-writer. Probably he didn’t attempt a career in writing because he could make a decent living as a librarian, surrounded by books, which he loved. 133 more words

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Help for writer A?

Like Writer A, I had many ideas, all interconnected. When I tried to write a book to express some of these ideas, I soon became mired down. 233 more words

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Details of Writer A's Struggle

Writer A, before he even began to compose the essay I was critiquing, had already battled to to edit out the vast majority of the material that was clamoring to be expressed. 135 more words

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