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Help for writer A?

Like Writer A, I had many ideas, all interconnected. When I tried to write a book to express some of these ideas, I soon became mired down. 233 more words

Creative Children

Details of Writer A's Struggle

Writer A, before he even began to compose the essay I was critiquing, had already battled to to edit out the vast majority of the material that was clamoring to be expressed. 135 more words

Creative Children

Writer A: The Professional Who Struggled

Writer A was a professional editor. He could assemble sentences and paragraphs, cut redundant or wordy passages, and knew what a well-constructed essay, article or story should be. 166 more words


Two Brilliant Writers and the Problems Caused by Their High Ability

Part 1

The popular stereotype of a ″gift″ or ″talent″ is that the lucky person of this unusual ability doesn’t have to struggle. Above all, he or she surely doesn’t have to struggle against problems caused by the gift itself. 110 more words

Gifted Children

Being Gifted

I turned up early at my parents’ house last night to find my Mum sat in the lounge drinking a glass of wine.  My regular readers will know the background to this, but suffice to say she’s an alcoholic who is in heart and kidney failure and has recently contracted Guillen Barre Syndrome.  1,147 more words

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"DECODING" AHI - Active High Intelligence

First of all, AHI exists through the heart, and it is a scientific fact that intelligence from and through the heart. And funny enough, the hearts measured vibrational frequency is the samee frequency as that of the center of this globe that we live on, this earth, our planet. 1,071 more words

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The Correlation between Autism and High Intelligence

Sean Southland, a performance researcher and entrepreneur, has long had an interest in helping children and adults improve their physical and mental well-being. He co-founded the IDEA Foundation as a means of helping young people with autism and other neurological conditions to make positive changes in their lives. 183 more words

Sean Southland