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Michelle Bridges 12wbt two years on

Two years since I started the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation I’m the fittest and most well I’ve ever been.

My only regret is I didn’t do it sooner. 197 more words


High Intensity Exercise

High intensity exercise may seem daunting to those who would characterize themselves, as less “physically inclined.” Despite the fact that these intense workouts take significantly less time to complete, the amount of power necessary to sustain these workouts is more than the average aerobic workout. 571 more words


The Ultimate Fat Burner Workout (via Zuzka Light)

One of the top YouTube fitness experts — Zuzka Light — has just posted her “Ultimate Fat Burner” workout. It combines some of the most effective and efficient forms of fat-burning exercise, including jumping rope, kettlebell swings, jumping burpees, and weighted jump lunges. 54 more words


Torture regime

I have just finished the fourth week of my new exercise regime, a 20-30 minute daily program of high-intensity exercise involving weights and cardio intervals. 518 more words


A new exercise program

Last Monday I did something I never do: I responded to an Internet ad. It was one of those links to a video that promised information about a sure-fire way to get stronger and healthier and a better body in three months. 575 more words


TRX in Alameda

TRX in Alameda

Strength, endurance and core training with the original suspension trainer  109 more words