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The Sports Drink Trick You Probably Don’t Know

Found recently, in a Men’s Journal article…

The Sports Drink Exercise Trick

Swishing a sports drink around in your mouth and then spitting it out might sound like a nonsensical way to boost performance, but it’s been nearly a decade since research first suggested that rinsing improves your workout. 198 more words

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Competition can help raise your low T.

Competition with other guys is a great way to work on fixing your low T naturally. Guys – our brains are wired to compete, no matter how simple the game- racing, golfing, fishing or fighting. 69 more words

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17 minute workout to raise Testosterone

Brief and intense strength training (assuming you are cleared by your doctor to do it) is the cornerstone of a program to fix low testosterone levels naturally, and improve symptoms like fatigue, fat gain, and low sex drive. 121 more words

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Raise your T with intense intervals.

My buddy Mike and I rode some steep hill intervals in Sedalia, Colorado this past Sunday. While we happen to love riding mountain bikes, it takes a little work to love riding up steep hills. 132 more words

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Exercise for the busy person

I am going to let you in on a little secret. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym, slaving away, with little or no results. 277 more words


How Exercise Affects Your Health

Exercise, as it relates to your immune system, can be good and bad.  Regular, moderate-intensity exercise can help to protect you against some diseases (especially those that involve the upper  respiratory tract, like colds).  443 more words

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