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Comparison of high interest bank accounts in Singapore

Bank account is the basic finance tool

The bank account is the basic and fundamental finance tool that everyone needs.  Given that it is almost an ‘must-have’, everyone should try to maximise the returns from this basic tool.  482 more words

Bank Account

Part 3: A step in the right direction

So now that we have our budget as well as began to cut our cost we can start to tackle the debts. needless to say there is no specific way that will work for every situation, so it’s really up to you ( going back to the being honest with yourself part) to see what really works for you. 609 more words

I Signed Up for POSB Save-As-You-Earn (SAYE) Savings Plan

Everyone is telling me that I should have a savings account or an emergency fund to tap into for rainy days. This is the default advice especially for those who just joined the work force (i.e me). 241 more words


Saving Money: Savings Account

In my last blog post, I talked about saving loose change, and I also mentioned putting your filled piggy bank in to your savings account. 705 more words

Saving Money