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Aren't You an Escapist Anymore?

Going back to the 1930’s, it has been recognized that one needs to “get away from it all”. That may or may not mean actually leaving one’s home in search of a more exciting alternative. 561 more words


Hangin' Out with the Pres

You know that a US president is in his last year when he starts hanging out with a bro for a brew.

And so, Barrack Obama took a night out to do some Vietnamese with Tony Bourdain… 7 more words


The Perfect Sheets

For years, I suffered. I thought it was normal to do so. How foolish I was! Then I bought a new bed. Wow! I started to go to bed earlier and sleep in more. 131 more words

High Life

Life in 2016: Your API is Modular, Break out the Veuve Clicquot!

There was a time a while back, when one might say that he needs a nappie. Well, forget that. You need an api now! Here is the key idea that one must grasp ( 159 more words

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London Dining: The Guinea Grill

There are times when you look for a meal that will not surprise you. You don’t want your eyeballs to melt over a spiced curry or to find out that the menu is vegan only. 177 more words


Fela Kuti - Zombie

You know, I’d forgotten why I started this blog, which was actually to say nice stuff about fabulous music regardless of how long I’ve known about it. 191 more words


This has to be one of the best hidden gems of lost Angels. If by chance you are near the city of Monrovia, I suggest you try this place out.

Paradis Ice Cream

High Life