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Is the Playboy Era Over?

Full disclosure: I have never been a huge Playboy fan. I didn’t buy its attempt to squeeze together soft porn and good writing. On the other hand, there is no doubt that its brand was for many years iconic. 141 more words

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And then there is Sissinghurst

Vita Sackville West was famous for various reasons. For one, she was a member of a prominent family and was raised at Knole. 234 more words


Mind Telling Me What's in Your Omelette?

Few humans on this planet enjoy a nice omelette more than yours truly. And I insist that my omelette are just a micron runny in the middle. 124 more words

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In Search of the Great Gastropubs

Nice article from The Guardian. It starts this way

Children always think the truly primitive thing about the last century was not having the internet, but actually, holding the sum of human knowledge in the palm of your hand has its ups and downs. 38 more words

High Life

London: Making Life Better

Are you in favor of excess? If you are not sure, consider this quote about gorging on beef

We should regard meat the way we do chocolate or booze or threesomes: not intrinsically wrong, but best not done to excess. 120 more words

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Pic of the Day: Bo Lan Bangkok

Where you want to be now

Here is the story

When I went to Bo Lan, it was the first restaurant I visited on my first-ever trip to Bangkok. 44 more words