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Tony Bourdain on New York Dining

The bottom line  — we are so much more informed about what goes into a meal than we used to be. And we expect that a celebrity chef will deliver an experience — not just a roast chicken. 24 more words

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Indulging in the Simple Pleasure of a Spanish Tortilla

In fact, I have not made one of these in a while. But today I saw this from Serious Eats

The thought of eating a cold omelette is not particularly appealing…unless that omelette is a Spanish tortilla, left out on the counter overnight and served with… 84 more words

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Calvados is for Lovers!

I posted on Adam Leith Gollner’s piece about Normandy just below. It is a fun read — and more fun still with its recommendations for  the best ciders and calvados from the region. 113 more words

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If You Want to Be in Biaritz ...

Then this article is for you. It starts this way

It’s an August night in Biarritz, the pedestrian-only streets packed in equal measure with bronzed surfers and linen-suited high rollers. 100 more words


Shock! Horror! Romans Drinking Less Wine!

I am convinced this was the cause of the fall of the Roman Empire, Not the split with the east. Not the pesky barbarians pounding at the door. 266 more words



My trip to Singapore is not at all about tourism. I live differently this travel. I fully enjoy the atmosphere of prosperity. I adore the 35˚ᶜ at the end of February. 1,465 more words