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Supercomputing the Strange Difference Between Matter and Antimatter

Brookhaven National Laboratory (11/20/15)

An international group of physicists including researchers from the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) has published the first calculation of direct “CP” symmetry violation, and if the prediction represented by this calculation does not match experimental outcomes, it would conclusively prove the existence of new, unknown phenomena that lie outside of the Standard Model. 151 more words

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Creative Minds: Fighting Cancer with Supercomputers

After graduating college with degrees in physics and computer science, Amanda Randles landed her dream first job. She joined IBM in 2005 to work on its Blue Gene Project, which had just unveiled the world’s fastest supercomputer. 660 more words


Runtime support for approximate computing in heterogeneous systems

Recently I just finished my MSc Thesis, titled “Runtime support for approximate computing in heterogeneous systems”. I developed a run-time system in C programming language that supports approximate  computations using OpenCL. 414 more words


Altair to Open Source PBS Professional HPC Technology

TROY — The Troy engineering technology developer Altair said Monday it will provide an open source licensing option for its market-leading HPC workload manager, PBS Professional. 537 more words


High-Performance Computing Matters to Paypal

SAN ANTONIO, TX — Ryan Quick, Principal Architect for Advance Technologies at Paypal, talks about how #HPCtransforms online payment transactions. Big Data and Predictive Analytics (BDPA) is the new norm with high-performance computing (HPC).  Discover more during #SC15 …

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SC15 | SuperComputing 2015 Conference


High-Performance Computing (HPC) is transforming industry, processes, and even our lives. In today’s video, SC15’s Conference Chair, Jackie Kern of UIUC, introduces SC15’s theme and focus: #hpctransforms.

High-Performance Computing

New Programming Approach Seeks to Make Large-Scale Computation More Reliable

UChicago News (IL) (10/07/15) Benjamin Recchie

As computer components become smaller and smaller, packing more transistors into a smaller space than ever before, more errors are likely to crop up in the computations the hardware carries out. 167 more words

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