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AMD may license its Radeon graphics IP to Intel for use in desktops, high performance computing

There’s a rumor going around that AMD and Intel may have inked a deal to put Radeon graphics IP in future Intel CPUs. There are still more questions than answers, but this could be a positive development for both companies. 38 more words

SUSE partners with ARM, Cavium and OpenHPC to deliver OpenHPC High Performance Computing Infrastructure for ARM

SUSE has partnered with Cavium Inc., OpenHPC, and ARM Ltd., a SoftBank company, to cultivate the High Performance Computing system software stack for systems based on the 64-bit ARM AArch64 processors. 310 more words

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To the yet unacquainted reader, this post concerns multi-threading in the c++ programming language. Various considerations are touched upon, the which, one should consider while improving performance using multi-threading. 751 more words

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A few months ago, in July, I published an article in HPCwire and here on LinkedIn describing why I thought that this year, 2016, would be one of the most important in two decades for the HPC industry. 891 more words

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China's Policing Robot: Cattle Prod Meets Supercomputer

Computerworld (10/31/16) Patrick Thibodeau

Chinese researchers have developed AnBot, an “intelligent security robot” deployed in a Shenzhen airport. The backend of AnBot is linked to China’s Tianhe-2 supercomputer, where it has access to cloud services. 166 more words

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A Billion Billion Calculations per Second: Where No Computer Has Gone Before

South China Morning Post (Hong Kong) (10/29/16) Viola Zhou

China has launched the development of its first exascale high-performance computer to maintain its lead position in the global supercomputing race. 163 more words

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Definition Series: the supercomputer

As part of the continuing definition series, I bring here today an appraisal of a type of computer and a somewhat new concept in the computing world: that of the supercomputer. 777 more words