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Python removes underused maui + torque jobs

Spec: 500 compute nodes, each compute node is 12 processors. Some of our users request a total of 120 processors, but in the submit script the specified resource is ppn=8. 207 more words

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p2t moves to aws

I’m excited to say that the p2t backend is officially running on AWS; here’s some notes describing the important steps and a few lessons learned. Adrian Arnet is doing a magnificent job with the frontend, and my fabulous wife is leading organizational efforts. 8 more words


Java Application Memory Usage and Analysis

The Java Virtual Machine (JVM) runs standalone applications and many key enterprise applications like monolithic application servers, API Gateways and microservices. Understanding an tuning an application begins with understanding the technology running it. 1,012 more words


Kill negative jobs

Our HPC version 1’s Maui seemed broken.  Negative job would spam user with endless emails.  One of my fixes was this one-liner added to the cron job: 15 more words

High Performance Computing

cpu usage

Running Maui, this is a one-liner that will output the total used of CPU by users’ active running jobs:

showq | grep -i Running | awk ‘{a[$2]+=$4} END{for (i in a){print i,a[i]}}’

High Performance Computing

How to install linux software without root privileges

HPC cluster users rarely have root privileges for installing new software. Default location for installation is usually /usr/bin/, but our user directories are usually located somewhere else like /home/ljcohen/ or /mnt/home/ljcohen/. 623 more words


A SPECIAL REPORT: Big Data vs. Big Storms


WASHINGTON, D.C.—Big Data, Predictive Analytics, and supercomputer weather models, accurately predict and warn millions of Americans of a major winter storm yet formed; keeping thousands off of hazardous roads and out of harm’s way. 55 more words

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