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Debunking urban myths in management wisdom II

Myth 2:

Traditional strategic planning and copying currently most admired or successful organizations is a useful and beneficial way of creating a successful strategy.

Let us briefly look at what we a talking about here. 1,013 more words

Performance Management

High Performance elastomers for the Oil & Gas Industry

High performance materials are essential for the Oil & Gas industry

Vermilion Three achieved a ‘0000’ rating – zero damage – when subjected to ISO23936-2/Norsok M-710 testing for resistance to rapid gas decompression (RGD). 89 more words

Ketan Deshpande Minnesota

Confession time - Showing up as my true self isn't always easy

Having courage to stand out.

That feeling you get when you are so excited about something, but nervous at the same time of how people will react. 709 more words

Part II - 5 Tips For Making People Decisions

Last week I shared my thoughts on the first two tips given my Dan Rockwell.

As a refresher, here are the original five (5) tips: 622 more words


Part I - 5 Tips For Making People Decisions

In this 2-part series, I’d like to share my experience with 5 tips I read in a Dan Rockwell’s blog several years ago. The blog is called… 531 more words


Product Spotlight: Redco ULTEM

High performance plastics face extra challenges other materials do not. Because of the prevalence of consumer grade plastic, unfortunately plastic with much of the public has become synonymous with “cheap” – low price and low quality. 212 more words


5 ways to stop your kids being Sore Losers.

Growing up I reckon my 3 sisters and I finished board games about 20% of the time. Often the game would end when one person (usually me) was exposed for cheating; or as soon as it was inevitable one of us would lose, the board would become airborne. 773 more words