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Reflections, Lessons and Insights from 2017

Whilst I was completing my quarterly review a few weeks ago, I was struck by how much my life had changed in the space of a year, and consequently how different my goals are for this quarter and for 2018 overall. 1,284 more words

High Performance

Turn Problems into New Outcomes

How good are you at taking a situation and switching from a problem focus to a solution focus?

Whether it be in private or professional life we can often be faced with unplanned events or situations that we didn’t anticipate and have the potential of derailing us. 290 more words

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Leadership Minute Monday - Adaptability

As the saying goes, changes is the only constant in the world. In this week’s training, I give two ways to easily enhance your adaptability. 19 more words


"It's Not Something You Can Catch Like the Flu..."

It has been said by many, “There’s no such thing as bad weather – only a bad choice of clothing” and I think a similar quote could easily be made in relation to STRESS. 34 more words

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Trekking with a Diference

This was a weekend  trekking in the mountains with a difference in snow up to 5ft deep. My wife and I started off snow shoeing up to a high mountain chalet which is at the end of almost a mile long track that winds up the mountain. 447 more words


GUEST BLOG: Top 6 Reflections from the Supporting Champions Conferences

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of attending the Supporting Champions conferences for the past couple of years, and as far as professional development opportunities go, these absolutely cannot be missed! 125 more words

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Leadership Minute Monday - Punctuality

Being fashionably late is not fashionable.

It took me about 30 years to finally get that being on time is a precious skill to a point that my mom used to give me times of departure 30 minutes before the actual… I never noticed until she eventually told me in adulthood… LOL… 122 more words