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I’m more likely to go through rapid fat loss protocol successfully by having something very important to do, that need 100% focus.

Indeed, RFLP made me more alert and focus, staying in high performance stage, without feeling hungry at all! 30 more words

Hive Optimizations with Indexes, Bloom-Filters and Statistics

This blog post describes how Storage Indexes, Bitmap Indexes, Compact Indexes, Aggregate Indexes, Covering Indexes/Materialized Views, Bloom-Filters and statistics can increase performance with Apache Hive to enable a real-time datawarehouse. 2,744 more words


Kamloops Legacy Games

Day one.  I played a new player and that was much to my benefit.  I was able to flow with my shots but did not power up on many.   275 more words

The Tennis Scheme... A Hell Of A Lot Of Hard Work!

Recipe Update

I’ve decided that I’m going to start documenting some of my high-performance fitness oriented recipes. I’ll be starting with my choco-whey oats tomorrow morning, so check back in. 36 more words

Cooking/Baking Adventures

B Tween Tourney Twaining

Worked hard on the points of focus this morning.  Short court, full court, serves and then sets.  6-7 4-6.  Good work Carlos!  Thanks.  Watching the final yesterday gave me a much better idea of the outcomes I should expect.   335 more words

The Tennis Scheme... A Hell Of A Lot Of Hard Work!


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Designer: VEETRON

Categories: TechnologyTransportation

Year: Present-2020

Overview: VOMO is the ultimate light electric vehicle! This high performance electric scooter is packed with features, including a powerful 350-Watt motor with a 20 MPH top speed! 30 more words


Vancouver International Wheelchair Tennis Tournament

Warm up with Carlos.  Full court warm up, serves and then back to full court warm up.  Working on the Lleyton Hewitt forehand.  It has been so ling since I used it.   263 more words

The Tennis Scheme... A Hell Of A Lot Of Hard Work!