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Challenge Complete! Insights and Inspirations From Sport and Life

A week later, and I am still living with the euphoric feeling of achieving a great accomplishment; in this case, my solo 6-day training camp that I completed last week. 1,630 more words

High Performance

Three simple areas that may help improve your boat speed. How are you doing them?

You can take your paddle and attack the water with it, straining every muscle in your body, throwing up rooster tails behind you.

Or you can slice your blade into the water, anchoring it solidly and using your entire torso, pulling it smoothly and evenly with much better results. 506 more words

High expectations can be bad. Ask my wife...

You ever hear people say, “keep your expectations low and you’ll never be disappointed”.  I’ve always thought that was a pretty simplistic worldview.  One that if abused, would lead to an average existence.   389 more words


Give yourself permission to make mistakes - lessons from Aito Tahiti

As I positioned myself on the start line I was overwhelmed with feelings of fear.

It was in that moment I realised I hadn’t thought about my race plan at all, I felt pretty dumb for missing that important part. 1,017 more words

Vectorizing std::merge with vpermd from AVX2 and lookup table

Recently I stumbled upon a question on stackoverflow, which asked how to vectorize computing symmetric difference of two sorted int32 arrays using AVX2. I decided to try doing it myself, and this post is about what I achieved. 4,325 more words


Matthews wins green jersey

Image credit: Getty Images

A result that looked out of reach less than a week ago has turned out to be more than reality for the Australian Team Sunweb rider Michael Matthews. 382 more words


Project III: HypoSurface

Title: HypoSurface
Date: 20??



The surface behaves like a precisely controlled liquid: waves, patterns, logos, even text emerge and fade continually within its dynamic surface. 19 more words