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No Stress in the Subconscious Brain.

Monday, 31 August 2015

There is a belief it is important to make mistakes. The concept is mistakes breed new ideas.

It’s a complex subject, requiring in-depth understanding. 155 more words

Stress Control

Beautiful British Columbia

Serves with Louis.  Serving seems to be about learning. Not practice. The more I do it the more interesting it becomes. A slight difference in toss and swing and you have a totally different result. 28 more words

The Tennis Scheme... A Hell Of A Lot Of Hard Work!

Grinding it out and taking a profit

The psychological benefit of little victories can be very under estimated, particularly in times of adversity. The confidence that can be lost in difficult times is worth it’s weight in gold, and needs to be rebuilt bit by bit as it was built before. 324 more words


How To Stay Focused

Our focus drives everything in our lives. It almost single-handedly determines whether or not we’ll experience a high quality of life and accomplish things that are meaningful to us. 18 more words



Hit with Mike and Sandy.  Short and full court warm up.

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Serves and returns with Sunera.

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Hit with Mika and Louis. 6 more words

The Tennis Scheme... A Hell Of A Lot Of Hard Work!

High Performance Seminars - with Nathan Burke

  • High performance inspirational seminars delivered in-company
  • Coaching & mentoring of key staff to develop their full potential
  • Building high performance teamwork with active learning

At Nathan Burke Consulting, we’re all about helping to develop the capability of people and businesses to achieve their goals and fulfil their potential. 50 more words

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