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Three "AHA"s needed for your managers to be truly teachable

If you are a business owner you know that once your company grows to a certain size, your success depends on the success of your managers. 952 more words

Business Management

9 High-Performance Tips when using MySQL with JPA and Hibernate

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Although there is an SQL Standard, every relational database is ultimately unique, and you need to adjust your data access layer so that you get the most out of the relational database in use. 912 more words


Morning Routine...not bad for a Monday!

Things accomplished today:

  • Butter Coffee + Anandamide booster + Focuson + DAA;
  • 4.6km Run with Kota;
  • 20min Tabata Protocol; Protein Shake; Anandamide booster;
  • Shower protocol;
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Taking it to the track

I was able to do a few track days at Nelson Ledges road course. The car performed well.
No issues. Hope to drive faster next year



My name is Josh Walters and I’m a U23 division paddler.  However I skipped the 23s to move straight to opens from J19s in singles in order to learn and experience racing with New Zealand’s best and international’s best! 788 more words

Mind the Gap: Being Liked & Respected CAN Work

Wednesday evenings and a crescendo of violins breaking into Mark Ermler’s Dance of the Knights means my favourite leadership programme is back for another year. 1,215 more words


Does the 10,000 hour rule apply to become a professional football player?

During the course of our class “Managing High Performance Sport” we came across the 10,000 hours rule which was introduced by Malcolm Gladwell (2008) in his famous book “Outliers: The Story of Success”. 291 more words