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Tarotbytes: The High Priestess

Your heart calls out to the universe, and the universe always hears you. Being heard alone is great comfort. Being answered is great magic.

******* 116 more words


I've got blog followers...

…that means I’m one step closer to emerging from the rabbit hole in my head and into the light!

Those of you who write probably know what I mean. 196 more words


East Of Center

Here’s a map of my life
Penned in tea rings and blood stains
A guide to wild and dangerous lands

If you look south, you’ll see desolate swamps of loneliness… 154 more words


Tarot vs Food - The High Priestess vs Portuguese Custard Tarts

Tarot vs food – series!

I love food and I love Tarot! And it’s time for another chapter!

This week, I present to you:

CHAPTER 2 – The High priestess versus portuguese custard tarts… 616 more words



When your back is turned is when she needs you most,

But a naive inkling of fear keeps you from looking back,

Knowing that in her face is a maze of feelings you could never fathom, 131 more words



I think I saw you the other day, in a rustling chiffon dress the colour of spring. You didn’t see me, which can hardly surprise me anymore. 327 more words


Find Me

I believe we’ve been lost, you and I

For a very long time

I cannot be certain if we’ve ever seen the light

Or if we’ve ever envisioned what our tattered souls are reaching for… 113 more words