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Who is Hecate?

Allow her to direct your navigation on this website! Who is she?

This is a hard question to answer for many as she is many different things.

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Tarot: Truth & Consequences

This article follows Tarot: Truth or Lies? which ended with the question,

“What is the Truth?”

Are you ready to go down the Rabbit Hole? Let’s take a trip through the Looking Glass and wrap it all up with a nice Tarot reading at the close, to tie up loose ends. 2,281 more words

Tarot In The News

High Priestess & Number 2

High Priestess

– Persephone/ pomegranate, Isis, Artemis, Corn Maiden, feminine side balanced with male – Popess/ Holy Mother, Virgin Mother, Virgin Mary, Swiss deck Junon/ Juno Roman Queen of Gods, Luna… 527 more words

Tarot Cards

POEM f & stuff by Zawmb'yee

The Frizz of My Hair
By Her Majesty Zawmb’yee Nuje

There has been
a maple syrup rain in my dreams
a downpour of sweet premises… 723 more words

Featured Card of the Day - The High Priestess ~ Lynx - Spiritsong Tarot by Paulina Cassidy

Artist: Paulina Cassidy

Website: http://www.paulina.ws


Intuition, meditation, sacred knowledge, dreams, calm, receptive, channeling, solitude.

Artist Interpretation

The keeper of sacred knowledge, Lynx balances invisibly from the conscious and unconscious worlds. 101 more words


Initiates Way Exhibition currently showing at the Old Fire Station in Carlisle.

The current exhibition is a series of paintings that Jade has created over the last year and a half which tells the story of the Archetypical Spiritual Journey or the Fools Quest after enlightenment. 355 more words