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When one passion points to another - Tarot cards speak about Travel

Over the past few months that I got regular with my daily draws, I started observing certain cards that would pop up with amazing regularity towards certain happenings. 919 more words

Thumping Tigers

Q. M. #2: The Reading: "Screw Your Courage to the sticking post!"


Well now that I’ve got your attention with my favorite quote from Lady Macbeth I’m going to unveil a reading that I did for myself that could have easily been yours or just about anyone’s these days. 1,442 more words

All Kinds of Tarot Updates

Since it’s impossible for me to keep this blog up-to-date (I mean, don’t even believe that my Collection and Wishlist pages are accurate), I figured an update post would as least be nice. 279 more words


Seeking the feminine

As I’ve mentioned, in addition to yoga, foreign languages, coding, classical music, the banjo, and geometry,* I’ve been studying the tarot. I’ve been learning different methods of reading, as well as the individual cards. 912 more words

Writer Talk

General Coven Information

No two covens are ever actually a like but most do follow some common guidelines. This is just a brief outline I will go into more detail for each thing in separate posts. 636 more words


Beloved High Priestess Passes - Mary Kay Lundmark

Mary Kay Lundmark passed over at age 52 on Thursday, February 19, 2015 in her home holding husband Patt’s hand, after a hard fought battle with cancer. 1,730 more words

Human Interest

Mary Greer's "Growing Up" Spread with the Wildwood tarot

Heyyyyyy. I might be in the market for some new spreads and this one seemed really great for journaling and reflection. Here’s what i drew: 718 more words