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Cancer Promoting Protein Levels Reduced by Diet & Exercise

Here in this website we are going to provide you some important health tips. Today we are going to provide you information on Cancer-promoting protein levels reduced by diet and exercise. 92 more words


high protein foods after bariatric surgery

By eating protein rich foods like eggs, seafood, fish, meat, soy milk, yogurt and other milk products helps to preserve muscle tissue. You should take minimum 65 – 75 gms per day

the sadness of chia pudding

It¬†has taken me almost a year to write about chia pudding. I know it’s been a while¬†because the original draft I started was dated last October. 488 more words

Sweet Things

Gluten free and soy free? Bullshit!

I am writing this post as a reaction to the fact that lately I have noticed that on vegan Facebook pages and generally in the vegan community, there is a widespread fear of soy products and gluten(including seitan). 606 more words


Improve Every Aspect of Well-being with Proper Nutritious Diet

There are many important minerals which are must have in everyday diet and zinc is one of them. It is essential to have adequate amount of… 225 more words

Add Beneficial Food Substances in the Regular Diet to Stay Healthy

Animals are an important part of the environment in which human beings dwell. So, if people have decided to eat animal products they must think of their health as well as environment. 216 more words

Pick up Food Items That Are Good and Safe for the Health of Family

Since ancient times, people trust on numerous herbs to maintain their wellbeing. In modern times, Herbal Medicinehas evolved greatly and it offers many benefits over homeopathic and allopathic medicines. 225 more words