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Protein Rich Food Sources

Protein can help you shed those unwanted pounds and keep your belly full. But it’s important to eat the right amount and the right kind of protein to get its health benefits. 761 more words

Dried Fruit & Walnut Overnight Oats

Breakfast…it has never been my favorite meal. I am that person who would rather eat tuna fish and crackers over a typical breakfast.

However, I know that it’s the most important meal of the day AND it sets the tone for the rest of your meals each day. 455 more words

Greek Chicken Bowls

I sometimes struggle with meal prep. Lunch is normally the meal that I splurge on and quite honestly, I don’t want my splurge meal for the day to be bland and boring. 1,132 more words

Turkey Zucchini Meatballs

Meatballs are one of my favorite comfort foods. I love how versatile they are. You can eat them with homemade spaghetti sauce, as an appetizer with a tangy Asian Chili sauce or in a sub. 437 more words

Meal Prep Chicken & Vegetables

This is a quick and easy method to meal prep on Sunday afternoon for the upcoming week. You can experiment with a variety of fresh vegetables and seasonings for the chicken. 383 more words

One Pan Salmon & Vegetables

Are you constantly looking for a healthy weeknight meal that is easy to clean up? I found this great recipe for One Pan Salmon & Vegetables that was amazing! 582 more words

Oven Roasted Chicken & Vegetables

Recipe & Picture Courtesy Of: Cathy Miles Palmer


Season with Thyme, garlic powder and cayenne – maybe a weird combination but my family favorites! 79 more words