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New High Protein Seed Dish

The head of one of my Senegal fire finches is being plucked. Adding dried insect food to their diet was suggested by a friend to prevent this. 46 more words

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how much insulin is required to cover protein?

Given that protein appears to contribute to insulin demand I ran a number of scenarios with the food insulin index data to see if insulin requirement is better predicted by carbohydrate in a food… 254 more words


Protein - whats the fascination?

PROTEIN – the new buzzword floating around.  Everyone is upping their protein or on high protein diets in an attempt to lose weight.  There seems to be protein products available in all the shops at the moment.   286 more words


My Flock of Nine and Spray Millet

The four gouldians dominate the two sprays of millet. The blue capped cordon blue male, the two male Senegal fire finches and the gold breasted waxbill pair wait on an upper perch for their turns.

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Nutritional Balance Is What Your Body Needs The Most

Protein is one of the building blocks

Protein is one of the major building blocks of the human body. Most people are ignorant about this and consider the high-protein low-fat food as insufficient for their daily nutritional needs. 271 more words

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Benefits Of Taking High Protein Diet

The human body needs energy in order to function properly. People take high protein diet and food for several reasons. In an effort to weight loss or weight gain, it is necessary to keep in mind that the composition of our diet plays a huge role in weight losing or weight gaining. 177 more words

High Protein Foods