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Book Challenge 2016: A Book Written in Your Country: High Rise by J.G.Ballard

“Let the psychotics take over. They alone understood what was happening.”

High rise is the tale of what can happen when too many people spend far too much time in each other’s company. 736 more words

Blu-ray Review: High-Rise

Ben Wheatley’s High-Rise carries a dreamlike look and feel, but is as far from euphoric in its overall impact. Boosted by breathtaking cinematography High-Rise is all at once a marvel to look at and frustrating to experience. 470 more words

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Amsterdam: brievenbus-bv's niet stoppen

Hoewel er in de gemeenteraad grote weerzin bestaat tegen de vermeende belastingontwijking op de Zuidas, kan de gemeente er nauwelijks iets aan doen. Wel wil het stadsbestuur proberen om de ‘goede’ en ‘foute’ brievenbus-bv’s verschillend te behandelen. 406 more words


Blu-Ray Review: High-Rise


Tom Hiddleston stars as Dr. Robert Laing, the newest resident of a luxurious apartment in a high-tech skyscraper whose lofty location places him amongst society s upper class. 477 more words



Based on the incredible novel by J.G. Ballard, the film ‘High-Rise’ focuses on a newly built high-rise structure and the breakdown of social order and rules as the tenants become self inflicted victims of privation from the outside world. 696 more words


In the film adaptation of J. G. Ballard’s novel High-Rise, Anthony Royal (Jeremy Irons) has built what he believes will be the perfect residence: a high-rise apartment building that contains both affordable housing for the poor and luxury suites for the rich. 789 more words



This take on  J.G. Ballard’s 1975 novel by director Ben Wheatley has proven a polarising viewing experience, in much the same way Ballard’s novels seem to divide readers into two very distinct groups; those who love them and those who loathe them. 662 more words

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