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Pregnancy Update: Week 25

With a due date of April 25th 2017 my week’s turn over on Tuesdays. Today I am 26 weeks, but I like updating on the previous week. 469 more words


Nadir PSA predicts survival after radiation and androgen deprivation for unfavorable risk patients

The following commentary addresses the article on risk for recurrent prostate cancer that we had mentioned briefly yesterday.

If a treatment isn’t working, we want to know as quickly as possible so we can try a salvage therapy while it can still make a difference. 961 more words


Don't ignore!

Following on from:Baby steps

It would seem that I have no good luck – It’s like my body is like ‘Happy New Year!’ Here’s some painful symptoms to stress over…!! 588 more words


getting the call

I expected to test positive, but the news still felt emotional. Knowing for sure that my mom had the gene mutation, wishing we could have found out sooner, not knowing if it would have made any difference. 167 more words


Baby Hillin #2 | Halfway Update

Nolan and I went to my 20 week appointment this morning for the anatomy scan ultrasound and checkup. They checked on all of Huck’s organs and parts, measured everything in depth, and confirmed he is indeed a boy. 374 more words


Canada-wide warrant issued for high risk sex offender

Rainie James Semple, also known as Rene James Everett, 43, is a convicted sex offender and is wanted on a Canada-wide warrant for parole revocation. He failed to return for curfew Thursday. 109 more words


Developing Presser

Currently I am working on software that helps build. WordPress plugins. I normally use just notepad, the WordPress editor or SublimeText to develop WordPress plugins. I think there should be an environment for the development process. 404 more words